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Save Sky at Night TV Show

Have I missed something or is there a complete silence here about the scandalous plans to axe the Sky at Night TV show? ... y-at-night

Surely this magazine ought to be spearheading the campaign to save the world's most important astronomy show?
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Podcast download difficulty

For the first time I thought I'd give the podcast ago by putting it on a USB memory stick to listen to it in my car. Whilst it would play inside my web browser (Firefox), it was not at all obvious how to download it. The download link did nothing! In the end I resorted to extracting the URL of the mp3 file from the raw HTML! I was then able to download the file. ...
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Monument etc for Sir Patrik

Hi Ed,
I was thinking if all astronomy clubs in the UK asked for a pound from each one willing it might get enough to purchase a satue of Sir Patrik for his garden or the RAS buildings if they agree.It's a project maybe for the mag or tv program, fred higginbottom
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After details from article on Canon and Nikon? camera


I'm looking for a the model of a Canon camera featured in the magazine a while back - it was modified for astronomy use (it's not the new 60d).

I think it was used in a comparison of two cameras, the other was perhaps a Nikon (although it's possible the Canon was featured in a review on it's own as my memory is not 100% sure).

Is anyone able to provide me with the ...
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A red giant in Alpha Centauri system ?? Yeah, right...

Looks like the proof-readers had a bad hair day...

In the Sep 2013 #100 issue, p 67, at the foot of the graphic about Alpha Centauri Bb, it mentions, 'a multiple star system containing two Sun-like stars and a more distant red giant.'

Of course, it should read 'red dwarf'...

I hope...
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DIY Telescope box


A while ago on the cover disk of the magazine, there was a feature/instructions on how to build a nice box to keep a telescope in.

Does anyone know what issue this was in?

Or even better, is it still on the cover disk?


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would an alien planet contact earth.

If our TV/radio broadcasts have reached other planets, the fact that no-one has contacted us may be down to our war like behaviour. The older TV news casts up to modern day has all too often contained one war or another. If we reverse this and say we received a short message saying we are here. It would end up at the UN, and that's where it will stay, what would be the chance on ...
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Magazine Cover Disc

Im hoping someone can help me here, Im trying to find a contact email address for Sky at Night magazine as I have a musing/suggestion I would quite like to pass on. Just on the offchance someone from the magazine reads this I will post it here aswell.

Dear Sky at Night
First off I want to get the usual 'thanks for creating such a great magazine' and similar out of the way first. I ...
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Dumbing down?

In the last TV episode there was an assinine tug-of-war to illustrate the effects of gravity over a star's lifecycle. This nonsense lasted one minute forty seconds - a sizeable slice of the programme's overall duration.

What a waste. I despair when I see more and more of this this idiocy creeping into science programmes. Did anyone think this segment was worthwihle?
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Total Eclipse 2015 Cruise

I just found this cruise for the 2015 eclipse
Has anyone else booked?
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