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Changing file format. wmv...

Have read your article and others on planetary photography. Downloaded Registax but it will not recognise wmv files of my short video of Jupiter. These are recorded in wmv there is no choice on my Olympus V170 compact - a camera excellent otherwise.
Can any one recommend another programme using this format, or sugget a conversion file (free or reasonable cost) which will not give me toolbars, tell me my computer disc is full or ...
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astrophotography astrophotography

took some pictures of ISS at 13 second exposure stacked the images and there's small gaps between them can anyone please tell me how to remove them as I'm new to this.
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Ordered binders last November , they never arrived despite several phone calls and promises that they were on the way. February asked for are fund when told there were none available, again after multiple phone calls and promises no money. By the time I receive my money it will have cost me more in phone charges than the value of the refund. On last contact told they still had no binders despite advertising them in ...
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see the sky alone

Whenever the night, a person who see the sky alone, thinking about what is in the sky. The sky is so mysteries and charisma, pull to be attracted, i always use my camera to shoot and keep in my computer.
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Hi everyone,still new. My wife and I Carolyn just step outside -20is far to look at sky WOW we looked for Orion,in our south,from the east twin meteors one above the other 1degree sep approx. 20 to 25 degrees long headed west, always find treasures looking up clear skies.
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New to 2014

Hi Guy's,

Just joined and looking for some awesome sky action this 2014 :P
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Pentax T Ring

Hi all new to the forum and just bought my first telescope, need some advice after purchasing Skywatcher 2x Deluxe Achromatic 1.25" Barlow which can be fitted with a T accept a DSLR camera. I have a Pentax K-R camera which which is compatible with KAF3, KAF, and KA mount lenses. Where can I buy a T ring that is compatible with this set up.

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IPhone captures detail of the ISS

During Monday the 23/12/13 pass of the ISS at around 6pm near Crewe, just for fun I took a photo with my iPhone & was amazed when zooming in to be able to see some detail. Ok just a few pixels, but you can defiantly make out the shape. Who would have thought!
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Merry Christmas

Here's wishing everyone on the forum, and at the 'Sky at Night' a very happy Christmas, and a peaceful and prosperous New Year :D
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new to astronomy

I am very new to this hobby and would like some help in the past few mornings when visible i have seen the moon but next to on the right hand side is a bright star or planet not sure which can some one help me to identify this please

thank you
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