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Interactive Planetarium

Hi, I am with Scarborough & Ryedale A.S. and we often get requests for a 'what's up' guide. I wanted to point these requests to your interactive planetarium but the link no longer works. Has it now been removed do you know?

Thanks for the great mag.

All the best.
Mark Tissington
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Two Mysterious ' Light Blue Coloured ' Circles In The Night

The two mysterious' Light Blue Circles ' over Bradford, West Yorkshire; England
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Two Mysterious ' Light Blue Coloured ' Circles In The Night

11.55 PM Thursday 1st September 2016 - I was outside taking the ' Rubbish Bag ' to the Communal Refuse Area next to the Apartment Block where I live - I saw two mysterious ' Light Blue Coloured ' Circles sliding from North West to South West and back very quickly - I did a ' Drawing ' of the ' Circles ' - took a Photo of
my ' Drawing ' - but I ...
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Hi everyone,

I have just purchased the Strathspey 20 x 100 Binoculars which, I read about on this forum. I need some advice on Tripods, one that was recommended was Camlink TPPRO28C. I need a tripod that I can tilt towards the heavens. I use to own a GoTo telescope, unfortunately it was far too cumbersome taking it up on the terrace, hence the binoculars.

May I say how very interesting this forum is, I ...
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Error when posting.

Is anyone else getting this error when posting? It started happening a few weeks ago.

PHP Notice: in file /posting.php on line 666: require(./includes/functions_link_filter.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

or is it just me?
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Skywatcher skyhawk synscan telescope 1145p

Hello me again just wondering if anyone can help me. I really don't know how to use the remote when I try and put my location in there isn't enough space to put all numbers I'm it asks for 4 or 5 numbers for first which is w and then asks for 3 or 4 numbers for the second one which is north. Now where I am ill post a picture mine has a lot ...
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Artificial Star Build


Does anyone know where to get the parts for the artificial star build in the last two issues of the magazine?
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Dumbing UP! A serious question from a serious amateur.


I want to ask about exoplanets. I have made a video that fully explains why I have this problem - I don't believe that they have found ANY, never mind the hundreds that they claim.

I'm not bonkers - I just cannot understand how they can have found even one - If you follow the maths in the video I prove that the chances of seeing one transit of an exoplanet is in the ...
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Gravitational Wave Telescope

It was about forty six years after the discovery of radio waves that we saw the first radio telescopes. So, how long before we get a Gravitational Wave Telescope? More importantly, at fifty five, will I be around to see it!
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January 2016 Bonus Content

Has anyone experienced any problems with opening the January 2016 Bonus Content zip file. I have downloaded the filename SAN Jan using the access code shown on page 5, but am unable to open the zipped file. Using WinRAR, the Diagnostic Message window says 'Unexpected end of Archive', which suggests the file may be incomplete. The file-size is showing as 447,642KB. Have repeated the download several times with no success. Other zip applications also ...
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