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March issue

Hi all,

I've just been reading the article re comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann on page 56 of this months mag and have a couple of queries.

The comet is refered to as 73P---- and the chart with the article refers to 43P---, I presume this is just a misprint but what do the numbers and the 'P' stand for. My Starry Night software lists another one ( 31P I think) so it must stand for something. Also ...
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Worst Gaff

Hi Everyone,

Just joined this forum but have been into astronomy for several years.

Anyway I was wondering has anyone else had a 'senior' moment. I will explain, I got a celestron G8 about 5 years ago works great, however I was never happy with the finder scope and it got to the point this weekend where it was going in the skip, took it of the scope and was turning ...
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I would just like to say how beautiful some of this month's (March) hotshot photies are, well done to all involved.
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Has anyone seen Pluto.

HI All,
Theres some debate on the forum over Pluto ,but how many of us have seen it in the eyepiece.I havent ,I've never had a scope large enough,but in the age of large apatures and GOTO's Im surprised no one has mentioned observing it.Do you ware the Pluto badge of honour?
Regards Les.
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Issue 3

Can't believe this but issue 3 of the magazine has just sold for £107 on ebay. Would like it but that is rather silly!!
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Issue 9

has any subscriber recieved their issue 9 yet? just asking because i still have not got it yet.. tempted to buy it out the shop but whats the point as i have subscribed, shouldnt subscribers recieve it early?


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Favourite 'Regulars' section of S@N mag

Now that we've had S@N on the go for almost a year, I wondered what peoples' favourite 'Regular' spots were in the magazine.

As an imager, my penchant has to be for the 'Hotshots' section. I was struck by the razor-sharp shot of M42 taken by Peter Shah this month. Also by the beautiful shot of Saturn taken by Ian Sharp. The shot of the Moon rising over St. Paul's Cathedral looked really dramatic, too. ...
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Should Pluto still be classed as a planet?

I've started this debate on several forums & thought it may be an idea to start one here, following on from Patrick Moore's article in the February issue of S@N & the feedback in 'Inbox' of the March edition.

I'll shove my 2c in the pot to begin with by saying that we should leave well alone. I was brought up from childhood believing there were 9 planets out there - although the one at ...
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Astronomy in School

Here's a random point..I can't remember learning anything about Astronomy in school, other than the names of the planets perhaps..
Is this a common experience, or have my teachers been particularly uninspiring/crap? Surely children would benifit greatly, from the diverse skills required in learning about the subject, not just in maths but English and science seems the perfect subject to tie all the things kids learn in school together....apart from French...and cookery...
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Shape of the Universe

Regarding February's topic "shape of the universe".

For something to have 'shape' there must be a point where the shape ends ie a boundary. There is inside the boundary and outside the boundary. The universe (which encompasses everything) has a shape and is inside the boundary, which in turn is enveloped by the outside. But if the outside doesn't exist (because everything that does exist is in the universe within the boundary), there can be ...
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