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Issues 1,2 & 3

Hi Gang,
Alshah was just lucky enough to be offered the first three issues of S@N. I would like to ask whether there is any one elase out there who can offer the same three issues for sale. If so please let me know and how much you would like for them.
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Back Issues - Desperate to find Issue 1, 2 and 3

Hi, I discovered this series very late and was able to get some back issue to make the set but am missing Issues 1, 2 and 3 - is anyone willing to sell these issues please?
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Yorkshire Astronomers

Whoops this should have gone into Astro Talk !!

Hi to you all.
I was just wondering if there are any Yorkshire Astonomers out there who would like the idea of finding a 'dark sky site', somewhere between say Leeds, Skipton and Harrogate. That could be used on a regular (nightly) basis, somewhere we nocturnal dwelling humans can meet make friends and share information, and enjoy some clear nights then drop onto the forum with ...
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Radcliff on trent...HEQ5 in the garden, anyone on here?

Hi all, while driving through Radcliffe on trent last week i noticed someone had a HEQ5 mount in the garden, then later that day saw that it was still in the garden, then today i noticed it's still there, so obviously the owner leaves it outside all the time

if it's anyone on here you've ever got a lot of money and don't mind it getting wet/stolen or you've bolted it to the ground and ...
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Star Gazing Guide - a suggestion

Hi Editors -
As an avid planet watcher (Jupiter & Saturn in particular) I've always found it surprising that in monthly sky guides (not just S@N) there is rarely a mention of the presentation angle of Saturn's rings. In addition to imaging, I enjoy drawing at the eyepiece (yes- there are some of us left in this web-cam age!), and have templates for all ring-angles. How helpful it would be if the angle of Saturn's ...
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Eclipse in Turkey

Any info on how to get to see this would be much appreciated. I am not an avid astronomer, but take a passing interest. I went to Cornwall with my family to "see" the eclipse in 1999 and although it was an amazing experience we didn't see the sun (due to cloud). This seems like an easy place to get to, more chance of good weather, quite cheap, I already have the eclipse glasses plus ...
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Meteors on Monday 30th Jan

Just interested to see how many people saw the big meteor on Monday night at about 10:30 pm. It was in the Northern sky from Winchester and lasted about 3 seconds, breaking up in its last moments. Was it close or was it big ? No photo I'm afraid.........
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Sarah Reed

This is more of a request really....

Can we please have more of that rather foxy young lass Sarah Reed in future editions of the magazine? Seeing her draped over that big 12 incher in January's issue gave me a whole new enthusiasm for astronomy!

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Febs Sky At Night Issue

Hi All

I'm new to all this and thanks to the Sky At Night Magazine now have a new hobby and a shiny new Toy in the form of an ETX 125 PE which I love just a bit more than the wife

As a newcomer I find the Constellation Of The Month article extremely useful as a learning and observing tool. I was disapointed not to see it in the February Issue of ...
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Big comets

Hello everyone, I am new here and have a question.

In the latest issue of the magazine, there's an article about Kuiper Belt objects and comets. In there it says that some comets can be vast, even larger than the Sun.
Surely that is a mistake, I can't see how you could have a comet that is larger than a star, whatever its density. Has anyone else read this?

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