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Eclipse in Turkey

Any info on how to get to see this would be much appreciated. I am not an avid astronomer, but take a passing interest. I went to Cornwall with my family to "see" the eclipse in 1999 and although it was an amazing experience we didn't see the sun (due to cloud). This seems like an easy place to get to, more chance of good weather, quite cheap, I already have the eclipse glasses plus ...
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Meteors on Monday 30th Jan

Just interested to see how many people saw the big meteor on Monday night at about 10:30 pm. It was in the Northern sky from Winchester and lasted about 3 seconds, breaking up in its last moments. Was it close or was it big ? No photo I'm afraid.........
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Sarah Reed

This is more of a request really....

Can we please have more of that rather foxy young lass Sarah Reed in future editions of the magazine? Seeing her draped over that big 12 incher in January's issue gave me a whole new enthusiasm for astronomy!

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Febs Sky At Night Issue

Hi All

I'm new to all this and thanks to the Sky At Night Magazine now have a new hobby and a shiny new Toy in the form of an ETX 125 PE which I love just a bit more than the wife

As a newcomer I find the Constellation Of The Month article extremely useful as a learning and observing tool. I was disapointed not to see it in the February Issue of ...
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Big comets

Hello everyone, I am new here and have a question.

In the latest issue of the magazine, there's an article about Kuiper Belt objects and comets. In there it says that some comets can be vast, even larger than the Sun.
Surely that is a mistake, I can't see how you could have a comet that is larger than a star, whatever its density. Has anyone else read this?

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American prices

My Meade telescope gained considerably in cost on its journey across the Atlantic to me, as do many other USA imports. So why is it that Sky and Telescope magazine, which is $6.99 in the USA, only costs £2.95 in the UK when, going by today's exchange rate, it should be £3.92?

I guess I shouldn't complain but it'd be nice if telescope prices worked like that!


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Light-Bridge dobsonians.

Hi all ,im new to Astronomy & i havent got a scope yet, but in thinking of geting the new LIGHT BRIDGE DOBSONIANS from meade the 10" could any one tell me if it is a good scope or not .
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Wish List For Technical Articles

Let's begin a list of stuff we'd like to see in S@N mags in the future.

I'll kick off with a few of my ideas:

Guide to Astroimaging - techniques and equipment - could be a muti-part series

Comparison of different types of scope, along with images taken using them, showing each type/size's potential.

Guide to buying equipment in general - so many types/prices - especially for eyepieces - what is a typical "split" for ...
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What is your favourite/least favourite astronomy magazine?

There will probably be an urge here to say the Sky@Night. However, honest feedback will be very useful for the admins here so they can gauge reaction & make any adjustments necessary.

My overall favourite (just pipping S@N) is a little known quarterly publication from the US called Amateur Astronomy. This magazine is written entirely by its readership & editors & is very much an 'amateur' based publication. Though primitive in format, it is thoroughly ...
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Star of Bethlehem

There could only be one astronomical question at this time of year, namely "What was the Star of Bethlehem?"
The link below takes you to a past "Question and Answer" session with PM. IN this he expresses his facour for the meteor theory, which explains the movement and the fact that we have only the biblical reference to it.
I have devised an extension of this theory, which changes the meteor into a small asteroid ...
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