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The Messier Catalogue

What a fantastic thing this poster is, I absolutely love it, how about more of these posters for more or even all of the major catalogue's ???


Thank you
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The Ideal Job?

Hi Gang,

It may seem like an ideal job to some people, but for me I think lying in bed for 60 days and 60 nights may be pushing it just a little too much!! This is the study already being undertaken at a number of locations within the eurospace industry. Take a look at the webpage here and form an orderly queue for volunteers!

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I'm Back!!!

Hi gang,

It's been a while since I last posted and I am sorry about that. I will be posting again very soon so watch out for the posts and the links soon.

All the best

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Celestron NexImage - Please Help!!

I hope someone can help a newbie in astrophotography. I just bought a Celestron NexImage 5, and I followed the instructions to install the software on my PC. I hooked up the camera to the telescope and plugged the USB into the PC, and the driver files appeared to do their thing. It said that software installation was successful, but the icon for the NexImage 5 is missing from the desktop and when I look ...
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Strange light

I work the night shift (for years outside) and have been interested in astronomy my whole life. I constantly look up at the sky and have become acutley aware of astronomical events, Planet movements, meteor showers, satelites vs high alltitude aircraft... I know the difference.

So in the past 8 months I have witnessed two identical phenomenon in the sky that I can't explain (I do not beleive in UFO's). The first occurance was in ...
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Planetary alignment - Jan 4th 2014

Hi all - please could someone tell me which planets would have been in alignment on this date? Also which order they would have been visible in and which direction they would look to be?

It's for an illustration....

Sorry if this sounds like a silly question!!
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How many posts do I have to make before I'm not considered to be spam?
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Back Garden Observatories.

Hello Everyone,

I have lost the June 2014 issue of the Sky at Night Magazine, I am thinking of installing a permanent pier to allow me to set up quickly and easily, I am in need of ideas to allow me to do this, I am hoping someone on the Forum can point me toward my goal.

The June issue had back garden observatories but I cannot remember if they had piers in the mag, ...
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Sky at Night Cover disk Sky at Night Cover disk

It was refreshing to see the March cover disk available online. What happened to April :( We seem to be back to the old technology.
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I have decided to sell my Orion Sky Quest Intelli-scope XT10 Newtonian reflector. The scope is in super condition and is about 5 years old and hardly used. It has been safely stored in the garage in an Orion padded carry case. The Scope comes with all the accessories: Orion 25mm and 10mm plossl eyepieces; collimation eyepiece cap; 50mm Finder scope; the focuser wheels have been replaced for Orion higher quality ones; Intelli-scope Computerized Hand ...
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