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Sky at Night Cover disk Sky at Night Cover disk

It was refreshing to see the March cover disk available online. What happened to April :( We seem to be back to the old technology.
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I have decided to sell my Orion Sky Quest Intelli-scope XT10 Newtonian reflector. The scope is in super condition and is about 5 years old and hardly used. It has been safely stored in the garage in an Orion padded carry case. The Scope comes with all the accessories: Orion 25mm and 10mm plossl eyepieces; collimation eyepiece cap; 50mm Finder scope; the focuser wheels have been replaced for Orion higher quality ones; Intelli-scope Computerized Hand ...
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solar eclipse

Watched the Solar Eclipse today from Northamptonshire. Really great through my solar filtered Meade ETX 80 and got some great pictures through it using a point and click Fujifilm camera
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Solar Funnel - March 2015

In the article on solar viewing it says download bonuscontent. On the download page it asks for an activation code to allow download. Where can I find this code in the March issue. Thanks.
Fred Higginbottom
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Changing username help needed

How do I change my username? I've somehow ended up being called "Matthew.So itch". Just for the record I don't have a contagious skin disease! It may be that iOS "helpfully" autocorrected to this and I didn't immediately notice but frankly I'd rather be called something else.
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The Sky at Night link in the Feb magazine

When I get to the bonus section The sky at Night show says download the show but their is no download tab visible, all the other sections shown the download tab. I've tried using mozilla and internet explorer.

Help please?
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Parick Moore favourite picky of Alan Shepard

This is one for the oldies here.
Back in the early 1970s Patrick Moore discussed Apollo14 on his regular show. During the program he showed a photograph of astronaut Alan Shepard on the way to the moon. The picture was taken inside the Command Module, the picture was of his head and face, in profile, and illuminated by the sun through a window.
The picture was stunning.
Patrick said it was among his most favourite ...
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Hi I'm new to astronomy since crhristmas but woundering what are good eyepiece to upgrade to and are the skywatcher sp plossls any good as I'm looking to upgrade slowly as I get better with astronomy i've seen a few things and can't wait to see more any help would be great full
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Calendar as Wallpaper


Couldn't find any similar post on this subject. But then again I never find the search facilities on forums of very much help.

Anyway. Is there a possibility of providing the Calendar in electronic format? either as just image files or as an auto changing wallpaper. I use two monitors so it would be nice if you can have the MONTH on the primary display and the IMAGE on the secondary monitor (or vice ...
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Lost Episodes ("Moon Bases" & "Solar Flare")


A few years ago a hitherto lost Sky at Night episode entitled "Bases on the Moon" was found in Africa and handed over - then made available on iPlayer (as well as featuring on the cover disc of February 2012's magazine)

Does anyone know whether the other found episode entitled "Solar Flare" has been made available?
...I've looked on iPlayer and through the back issues here and can't find it noted.
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