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Starshot hype. It can't, won't work, so forget it.

Having caught the end of the Sky at Night on TV, I joined up to scotch the nonsense I heard about Starshot.

No, it can't, won't work, so forget it.

Even if you got a tiny probe that far, it could not send a powerful enough signal back to Earth so we'd never know even if it got there in one piece.

Crazy hype.

On the other hand, if a Russian billionaire offers me $100 ...
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Nuby Nuby


My name is Jon,

I've always had an interest in all things skyward, but i want to begin to get into astronomy in a bit more depth, as opposed to just watching the odd satellite or flare every now and then!

I guess this is the best place to come for the undoubted wealth of collective knowledge of all seasoned members of this forum

Quick bit about myself, recently separated father of 1,work as ...
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bonus content

Hi all, new to the magazine. Following the instructions for bonus content doesn't seem to allow me access or a functioning hyper link. Any tips? Thanks in advance.
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Hi Everyone

Hi All,

I have recently retired, and have been meaning to join an astronomical group for some time.

My name is Roger, and I live in Birmingham, but spend a lot of my time in N.Wales, and am looking to get more acquainted with astronomy. So I am looking to get my first instrument, so much choice, so much advice, but I am thinking of getting a good pair of binoculars initially.


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Greetings stargazers!

Greetings stargazers,

I am new to the forum and I am interested in astrophotography, astrophysics, science in general and computing. I am a retired boffin and like to write software with scientific applications. I have just posted some new (free) Python plug-ins for GIMP that are specific to processing astro images. I found them useful, maybe you will too! If interested, get in touch. (I would post the URL, but Auntie thinks my message too ...
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New member


My name is Phil and just signed up on the forum,so a quick hello too all here

Just came back too astronomy as my son has developed an interest , so some quality father/son time.

I have other interests as well including Amateur Radio (which led me down this path a few years back),also into photography,motor racing but not F1.

Equipment so far :-
8" Dobsonian telescope
Astro eye piece kit
14mm Explorer Scientific ...
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Hello from Supercooper Telescope Help

HI all,

A big hello to you all from me, SuperCooper. I am an experienced observational amateur astronomer, one time aquaintance of Patrick Moore and john Dobson and I have a lot of advice to give for free.

To this end I have set up a website with plenty of telescope advice guides and information for the newcommer. I am fanatical about steering people in the right direction when it comes to telescopic equipment.

If ...
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Hello from Grimsby

Hello, Just received my first telescope for my 40th birthday yesterday. I've wanted one for many many years. I have a Skywatcher Explorer 150p, Mount EQ3-2. Haven't got it aligned yet, can't wait to use it. Any tips and help would be appreciated.
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Greetings All

Hello All

I am looking to get my first telescope albeit it wont be till later in the year, so I am currently trying to determine what kind, make, size to get.
I had wanted to diverse into viewing and photography but from the little I have read the latter seems to be a tricky option, so maybe I'll save myself a lot of money by concentrating on just observing?

I'm kind of drawn to ...
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Hello From Barnsley Hello From Barnsley

Hello everyone!

We have just taken the plunge and ordered our first telescope, its a Skywatcher Skymax 127 supatrak, alt azimuth stand...

I'm excited to see if I can see a good image of Saturn, I have heard that we are able to see it quite well this week along with Jupiter - well most planets for the next 10 days.

Anyone got any tips for a complete noob to get the most out of ...
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