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Astro Photography

Hi I want to start with astra photography but I am unsure of what T mount etc I need to buy, I have looked on web sites but just found the info confusing I have a Canon 550D and the telescope is a Celestron 6N any advice would be appreciated Thanks Mikael48
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Hello! Just saw saturn for the first time!

Hello Forum peoples

I've been interested in astronomy for a several years now and I managed to grab a rather cheap skywatcher 4.5" reflector a couple of years ago. I've seen a few things through it.. the moon (twas hard to find), jupiter, the blurry blob of andromeda etc. but it's been a couple of years and I really haven't been hugely impressed for a while... until 30 minutes ago when I saw Saturn for ...
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Hi All

Hi everyone
I am not new here but i have been away,in and out of hospital for almost 4 years now but now i am back and in a position to blow the dust off my scopes and cams.Some gear now needs updating and other bits need repair and cleaning but i am looking forward to being out under a night sky again.So,as always when i touch a scope,get ready for the cloud and rain ...
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Hi to everyone


Hello to everyone . I just started Astronomy again after 5 year break. I used to be one this forum ages ago and forgot my old user name . I got pair of Celestrons 20+80 binoculars and just ordered pair 10+42 outland lx for when im on travels on Motorbike . I feel like a newbie as I forgotten a lot of Astro terms and ...
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i live in corby and im looking for people who in into astronomy.would be great if I can meet up with others who are into this as my partner gets bord sitting
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Hello again.

Hi, I'm an old user but I somehow got lost between the old and new forums :lol:
In brief, I'm Brian from Caithness. I'm mainly into lunar, solar and planetary photography but also like to dabble in in a little basic DSO imaging at times. The photography thing has really blossomed in the last few years with the coming of the CCD. Many years ago I was ...
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Hello Again

Last time I was here was over a year due to being busy and having difficulty getting back on. There used 2 be a facility whereby u could upload and display own photo albums; has that now gone by the board?
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R.I.P. Tom and Margaret Pugh

I lost my Dad, Tom on Sunday morning and his sister Margaret Tuesday evening. Neither were astronomers but my Dad often liked to see my pictures on my mobile or laptop. Fortunately, they both lived long lives into their 80s.

I'm trying to continue as well as I can but haven't as yet got back to observing and photography. I have processed some DSLR constellation images taken on April 12th and put them on my ...
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Hello again!

I'm ready to get back into the hobby again!

I moved house in Sept 2010, leaving behind my homemade observatory, and super fast broadband. I also left behind the light pollution.

The gear had been out twice in 2.5 years, both times for some solar white light imaging.

I guess a part of me got left behind with my observatory.

So.....what better to do than start building another!

Looking forward to getting back into the ...
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New Member

Hi All
I have been watching the stars now for a few years and found myself asking more and more questions about the stars and planets, I watched the dvd Wonders of the solar system by Prof Brian Cox since then I have been hooked! no telescope as yet so looking forward to the forum so you can all tell me the best scope to buy for a complete novice, I am also a keen ...
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