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Happy Birthday Phil!


Hope you have a great day.


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January Moon

Here's an image of a Moon crater taken 20/01/19 that I recorded with my GPCAM2 and at the time I didn't know how to debayer, drizzle, stack, balance, stretch and level! The original is just a disappointing green blur!

It started as an AVI that I separated into BMPs with PIPP and stacked with Registax. I tried to stack it with Autostacker so I could drizzle it but my poor old laptop runs out of ...
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Space Shuttle & ISS in night sky

I remember seeing a shuttle and the ISS as 2 stars very low in the southern sky (from Sheffield) in around 2010ish. The shuttle wasn’t docked to the ISS and you could see them separate points of light. I cannot remember which shuttle it was and I’d like to know. Does anyone remember the event- it got a lot of attention on Facebook as I remember. Thanks!
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Who remembers two bodies in the 1970’s sky

In the recess of my memory two “planet type objects floated into the sky for a week or so and were visible in daylight.
I was living in the south west of the United Kingdom and it was some time in the 1970’s.
I recall that someone opined that the last time these bodies were in the solar system was 1270 -1300 ad.
Is this a figment if my aging memory or an historical / ...
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Please no more advertorials - those adverts from less scrupulous companies that are designed to mislead you into believing that they are actual articles.
These are banned in many western countries - unfortunately in the UK they fall into a grey area of the law (apparently simply writing "advertisement feature" at the top of the page, in matching font, seems to be enough to get around it).
Is this really the sort of thing we ...
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M42 orion Nebula

Hi all I took this image on the 12th Febuary with my skwatcher ed 80 and stacked using deepskystacker and used new software to get rid of the light pollution.I thought I would share the test shot,thanks for looking.

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M45 first attempt with Dslr camera

Hi all I managed to retrieve some data from M45 that I took on the 12 february after getting some help from geet on how to process my images as they would not stack.This is what I ended up with 2minutes and 48 seconds of data.I thought I would share as I am still learning with my camera.I downloaded apt software the other day as to help with my quest.Thanks for looking.
m45second.jpg ...
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February Report

It was all solar and lunar until the last days when it cleared: ... -2019.html

Here is the video with D'Yer Make 'Er by Led Zep:
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Earth's tilt.

I succesfully explained to my son the reasons for the change in seasons (relating to the UK being more face-on, to the sun, in summer than in winter. However, I was glad I was not asked why the earth is tilted, off-axis, in the first place. Please can someone assist. Thankyou.
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Planets orbits question

I think the word for this is apsis. I was just wondering if anyone knew a source where I could find when planets are out closer/closest points as searching for it just told me about mars in July last year
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