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Dew shields fo Newtonian OTAs - do they work ??

I saw an ad on ebay the other day from someone advertising a Skywatcher 200mm Skyliner scope which also included a wrap round dew shield (non heated variety). I must admit that I've always assumed that a dew shield on an open tube Newtonian would be a complete waste of time since the mirrors would already be protected to maximum effectiveness inside the tube. Adding effectively an additional short length of tube in the form ...

Bino mirror mount

I have just purchased a pair of 25x70 binos. Am in the process of making a mirror mount. Can anyone recommend or advise on size/thickness of front surface mirror glass and where to purchase? I was thinking around 10" x 7". Are there any problems I should look out for before purchasing glass? Many thanks.
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Hello everyone - just a few words of introduction

Hello from me,
I've been a passive reader for 4 months or so I reckon it's time I participated and introduced myself. I can't say I'm a newcomer to astronomy as I bought my first scope, a Vixen 80mm f15 Polaris refractor on a GEM from Astro Systems? in Luton (now defunct) in 1982. I've still got it and I wouldn't part with it as with 4 orthoscopic eyepieces it still produces pin sharp images ...
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Orion Skyquest XT10 for Sale

ORION SKYQUEST XT10 Dobsonian Reflector Telescope. Hardly been used (5 x Nights)

Focal Length: 1200mm - Diameter: 254mm - Focal Ratio: f/4.7 - Magnification: 48X to 300X Weight: 54lbs. Eyepiece to start: 25mm then 12.5mm - Close ups 4.5mm + Barlow x2 - EZ Finder II scope

ORION 08890 1.25-Inch Premium Telescope Accessory Kit (silver)

Thorough assortment of choice 1.25 inch astronomy accessories let you get the most out of any telescope - and save ...
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Thanks for having me!

Hi all! My name is Alex and I am new to the forum. I am very interested in astrology, which is the reason why I am here. So happy to make friends with you guys and hope that I can learn something new and useful.
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Jupiter taken on 06/15/2018

Hi all I took these images and I only got 20 images and used autostakkert to stack, before the clouds rolled in again.I used a 3xbarlow with my skywatcher 80 ed refractor.Thanks for looking.
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Jupiter due south

Jupiter is at its best right now - which this year isn't saying a lot. However there is still a fair amount of detail, and with Jupiter being so bright at the moment it is worth trying a little higher magnification. The Great Red Spot was right on the meridian as I started observing, although it had moved off by the time I took this photo. The North Equatorial Belt is somewhat thinner and darker ...
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Large Dark object next to jupiter moon?

Hey guys, so i have a very simple telescope pointed at what i believe is jupiter and its 4 big moons, which looks awesome, however i am puzzled by what i see to the left of the furthest left moon of jupiter, it looks huge, very dark but planetary looking but not reflecting light like venus or stars do, you have to look hard but can see the left of the object...i was wondering if ...
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New telescope advice please?

After much umming and ahhing I’ve finally decided to splash out on a telescope for my new hobby of stargazing.

I’m 6 feet 3 tall so id prefer to have a telescope that has its own large tripod. However a lot of reviews of reflector telescopes I’ve seen online advise against buying them if you want to avoid kneeling down on wet grass? Does this mean all scopes aren’t able to attach to tripods? ...
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Day Star

Capturing stars during broad daylight is a little tricky, but the brightest ones can be seen. I tried for Betelgeuse, but it is too near the sun in the sky at the moment. I then went for Regulus in Leo, and I was more successful. This is a composite of 7 sharp images.
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