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For Sale new Canon EOS 5D Mark III with EF 24-105mm IS lens

For Sale new Canon EOS 5D Mark III with EF 24-105mm IS lens $1,300 USD, with complete accessories and 1 year warranty,
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12V hair dryer

I've not tried it out yet, but after a dew-laden evening curtailed our telescope observing on Friday evening, I've just bought a 12V 'travel' hair dryer from The Range - just £12.

From first impressions it's not going to be any use for its advertised purpose; but it can put out a low speed moderately warm flow of air, or a barely warm blast, which may prove effective.

I notice that the same dryer can ...
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The Sun

To be honest, I have seen much better solar hydrogen alpha shots than mine. I simply don't have the money to buy a larger hydrogen alpha telescope. However, I have made some progress by using a DSLR to capture the Sun through my PST.

Here's a few recent ones: ... ed-public/ ... ed-public/ ... ed-public/ ...
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New to Astronomy.

Hello every one,
After reading numerous articles on recommended telescopes for first time purchasers, there seems to be a few to choose from. Refractor telescope is what i am looking for with the ability to be mechanised for following celestial bodies.
Sturdy build is key to me especially reading some fastener mechanisms seemed cumbersome. No budget in mind and if any body could recommend some starter reading material that would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards.
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Sun- Moon anomaly

I have been trying to get to the bottom of this anomaly and most of the solutions suggest its an illusion. This is based on the fact that I was using a photograph and that various factors need to be taken into account e.g. lens distortion, cylindrical projection etc. I ony used the photo to visually convey what I had observed.
I could easily have drawn on a blackboard what I observed and taken a ...
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Exoplanet Excursions - August 2018

Is anyone else a fan of Jon Culshaw's Exoplanet Excursions in the magazine? This month he visits a three star system and lands on a moon orbiting a gas giant. As always, it's a brilliant fusion of fact and the contents of Jon's imagination! The moon of HD131399Ab appears to be a tricky place to leave, lucky the Perihelion's interdimensional propulsion regulators held up!
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Skywatcher ED100 Refractor

Skywatcher ED100 Apochromatic 4" Objective Doublet 900mm F.L.
2" Focuser With Feather-toutch control
28mm (Supplied Eyepiece)
Brand New 8x50 Finderscope
Aluminium Carry Case
Camera Adapter

5mm 1.25" (Extra)
20mm 1.25" (Extra)
2" ED Barlow Lens 2X (Extra)

This Optical Tube Assembly is in pristine condition, no bumps
dents or scuffs anywhere! Just the usual bolt marks on the dovetail mounting bar

Collection due to nature of instrument £550
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Perseids Meteor Shower 2018

Just seen my first Perseids meteor! Heading South West through the top of Bootes. It had a pinkish hue to it.
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Green light in night sky?

So yesterday I went out to do some milky way photography. When reviewing photos I noticed a green light in one of my test shots. I didn't see it with my own eyes, because I was stil setting up the camera. So I'm asking if any one of you would know what the greenish light is.
green light.jpg
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Solarsphere - Anyone else going ?

Is anyone else planning on going to Solarsphere?
It's happening next weekend (10-13 August 2018) near Builth Wells and combines astronomy talks and live music.
It'll be our first time there, but we know the organisers and some of the 'astro buddies' who'll be helping out, and it looks like it could be really great.
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