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Hi Everyone
I've just joined the site so thought i would say hello before i start asking for advice :)
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Dark Matter Black Holes?

On the basis that Dark Matter exhibits the property of mass is there a theoretical possibility that dark matter could therefore ultimately form a Singularity and if so how might this present itself?

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Expansion speeding up

Could the increasing rate of expansion of the universe be explained by either the universe slowing down at an increasing rate from the outside in or similarly could it actually be imploding at increasing rate from the outside in. Has it actually been proven that everything is moving away from each other?
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ABELL 2199 +

Hi All. After all the rain a descent clear night.

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standard candles and donor chemistry

As I understand standard candles they are binary stars where the dying partner is stealing mass, when it hits (always the same) critical mass it explode - same mass = same brightness...

...but what of the donor chemistry, could that not effect the "colour" of the light or even the temperature of the explosion? Would that then not effect the distance measurement because the brightness would be even slightly be effected ?

On a slightly ...
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SUN 19/7/2015

Hi All. just managed this between clouds and haze.

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New Horizons

Hi Gang,

I know that we are all watching and waiting for more images from New Horizons out there at Pluto, but please visit the site and look at both the images and check on the science as it comes in. It is an amazing site and well worth the visit. Also whilst you are there, follow the links at the bottom of the webpage to visit all of NASA's brilliant sites. It is ...
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NGC 6161

Hi All. last nights effort.

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From the far side of the Sun!

Hi gang,

After a period in safe mode the STEREO-A probe has started transmitting data from the far side of the Sun. The images and science can be accessed from this page here Co-incidentally gang, the image that is shown on the sites main page is worthy of a WOW title, it is spectacular to say the least!!

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Hi Gang,

It has been a few months now since this second probe to the planet Mercury stopped transmitting but I feel it is worth noting here. The mission to the planet and the science sent back from the probe before it was impacted on the surface was well worth looking through by everyone. Take a look at the mission page here to take a trip around the site, it is well worth the effort! ...
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