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a quick hello and an altaz query

Just a quick hello, this forums always serves me well with tips and relevant content. Thanks

Ive been a super keen amateur since my school days and now with 20 years observing through various borrowed scopes and endless binoculars I'm looking to up my astrophotography efforts. I've spend the last 4-5 years taking hundreds of various star trail/Moon shots direct on a D3200 but I'd like to investigate the best I can likely achieve ...
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Beginners telescope & book recommendations, please.

Hi, I'm looking for a telescope for my daughter's 9th birthday. She would want to be able to see details of the moon and also the whole moon, stars and ideally some real 'wow' views.
She is also a keen birdwatcher, so one that can be used for that too, would be great. However, if it really meant she wouldn't get such a good view of the night sky, then we may reconsider this aspect. ...
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Baader Hyperion Eyepieces

I recently bought an Astro Vixen Binocular with 2 x Baader Modular eyepieces but can't get on with them.
What am I doing wrong?
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Hello from Northampton, UK

Good evening everyone. I am new to astronomy but have always been interested in science and "how its done" so to speak. I have built the Orrery from Eaglemoss and I am mid way through the Tellurion. There is shed loads to read and since I am retired I have more time than others. I find it fascinating reading about the Philosophers and astronomers of yesteryear, especially when one could lose their head for saying ...
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Refractor best for photography

First post so Hello.
I spent an evening with a local group of stargazers and found it interesting to say the least. So I would like to "have a go" myself.
I come from a photography background and although I would just like to gaze at the fascinating night sky, I can see I will get the itch to photograph it as well.
I am also lucky enough to have a garden a few ...
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Another simple question I am sure... I have taken many images from one night, with DSLR on the back of my scope. Having downloaded them onto my laptop they are no longer jpeg images so will not show up in the files when trying to upload to a processing prog such as MICE or registaks. Can anyone tell me how to alter them into a format where i can access them in the folder which ...
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Astrophotography Beginners Equipment Help

Hi all,

I am sure you get this a lot, and I have read a few posts and articles about starting astrophotography and it seems it can be done step by step which I think I will need to do.

Basically, I can invest a bit of money at a time, but not all at once - I know I will have to learn and work towards those amazing DSO images and it's going to ...
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Hi all,
Just joined and interested in starting some stargazing. I've read online that is best to start of with good binoculars then move onto telescopes.
Can anyone suggest a good pair of binoculars for stargazing?
I have looked myself and came across "Helios Fieldmaster 10x50 Binoculars" and "Helios Fieldmaster 7x50 Binoculars" but again as Im new I don't know if any of these are suitable.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.thanks
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Making mosaic pictures

I am beginning to create some simple pictures of The moon with my Alt/az mount at the moment. As my camera is not full frame I would like to/believe it is possible to create mosaics to join the various sections together?

Can anyone help me with how to do this please?

Thank you

C Wardlaw
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