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A good starter scope ready for imaging ?


I am very new to astronomy and I'm looking for a scope and mount that is good starter to general viewing but I can use for astrophotography later. I recently went to a local club and had a look through a few different scopes. I was going to get a 8 or 10" dob but, one they are quite big to store and transport and I would need to collimate it so I think ...
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1st Attempt of Ring Nebula m57

Hi all this is my first attempt of the ring nebula last night,it is not very good as I had to contend with high cloud in the atmosphere and I am hoping to get a better image on Thursday night as hopefully will be better conditions.Hope you enjoy.
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Is this a meteor?

I took a photo of a full moon on 11/4/2017 0302GMT on an old phone. Just got a new phone and noticed something. Any ideas? How do i submit a smaller file or show the while image to someone?
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1st attempt Hercules Cluster M13

Hi all this is my first attempt at hercules cluster as I am fairly pleased with the images as the moon was very bright making it a bit more difficult to get the image,hopefully when the moon is out of the way will try and get some better images.I used deepskystacker I think it captured about 860 stars in the cluster.
Thanks for looking.
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Moon and Jupiter

I would just like to say to the forum,
I was outside with me and my uncle tonight, testing out new pair of binoculars, having a look at the early moon, when low and behold, what did we see; Jupiter underneath the moon; an amazing sight, will never forget it.

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WANTED celestron cpc 800-100

As stated, looking for a celestron cpc 800 925 or 1100. Please let me know if you have one or know of one for sale in great condition. Thanks in advance!!!
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Hello fellow stargazers Hello fellow stargazers

Hi all, I am a new subscriber to the magazine, have always loved looking up at the night sky, would love to become more knowledgeable
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Spherical projection mirror

Does anyone use one of these? I find them interesting and was thinking about purchasing. There's one for sale on ebay. I was thinking of directly integrating.
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Telescope cases


I am a complete beginner and have no idea what I'm doing, but I have decided to buy a telescope and have settled on a Skywatcher evostar 120 with an eq5 mount. I guess my first question is do I need a case for both the telescope and the mount?

I will be taking it in my car to get dark skies so I assume that I do for the telescope as this is ...
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I did a lot of solar observations ad photography in April. Night viewing was restricted by illness and weather. However, I had a particularly good lunar session.

For summary, click here: ... ctive.html

For full report click here: ... -2017.html

For a video of the photos, accompanied by music from Mike Oldfield, click here: ... -2017.html ...
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