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Places for stargazing

Living in London has its perks but also the downside when I try to use my telescope with too much orange glow around. I live close to Greenwich Park and was wondering if there are good high locations with minimal light pollution nearby? I do not own a car so will have to hitch a ride with a friend or use a rental so would love to know a few good spots around if anyone ...
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Hello guys.. I am new to this forum and thought I'd introduce myself.. I am Bala and I was gifted a telescope last week by my wife and have always been interested in astronomy and astrophysics but never somehow got myself a scope.. I have begun this journey with a SkyWatcher Heritage 130p and have not had much luck with clear skies..
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New to Astronomy with Heritage 130p

Hi.. I am new to Astronomy although been very interested for a very long time.. Got my first telescope a SkyWatcher 130p Hertiage last week and have had very little success with just 2 clear sky nights.. I used the Night Sky 2 app on my phone to find the position of mars last night which I could also see as a speck of orange glow in the sky with naked eyes.. I tried the ...
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It was a quieter month than August but I still managed to see and photograph a few things.

Summary: ... ctive.html

Full Report: ... gmt-i.html

Video: ... lH&index=2
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New telescope options?

Hi I am new to this and have been looking to buy a telescope for initially viewing the Moon, Planets along with some photography. However I want the scope to be good enough to move on a little further into the hobby when i know more about what i am doing. I live in a lodge by the beach in Anglesey 90% of the time with wonderful skies and seemingly little light pollution. I want ...
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The constellation of Aries is getting to a nice height before midnight at the moment. The three brightest stars are worth looking at through a telescope because they are very different. Hamal (alpha) is a bright orange star. Sheratan (beta) is a slightly less bright, white star. Mesarthim (gamma) is 2 dimmer white stars of the same magnitude, very close together. I imaged all three and put them on to one image. Hamal and Sheratan ...
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Celestron SkyMaster 15x70 or Celestron First Scope 76mm

I have recently became interested in astronomy and finally want to look at the night sky. I have decided on one of these two items. I am not wanting to spend a fortune and then realise it's not for me. If I bought the binoculars I would probably need a tripod also.

I don't know a lot about binoculars or telescopes and just want to make the right purchase. If I could I would just ...
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Newby advice please - Astronomy / Astrophotography

Hi All,
I have been fascinated with the heavens for years now and finally after developing my family to an age whereby I can finally enjoy life to the extent that I can also have a hobby :)

I am possibly jumping into this feet first but I am looking to purchase my first "proper" telescope (had the National Geographic kids edition up to now) with which ...

Starshot hype. It can't, won't work, so forget it.

Having caught the end of the Sky at Night on TV, I joined up to scotch the nonsense I heard about Starshot.

No, it can't, won't work, so forget it.

Even if you got a tiny probe that far, it could not send a powerful enough signal back to Earth so we'd never know even if it got there in one piece.

Crazy hype.

On the other hand, if a Russian billionaire offers me $100 ...
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Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on Friday Evening.

When the full moon rises on Friday 16th September part of the sunlight shining on the moon will be obscured by the earth. For instance at 9pm the top half of the moon will be slightly less bright than the lower half. It isn't very spectacular like a proper lunar eclipse, but it will be worth checking it out.
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