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Comparative reviews

I'd like to suggest that the equipment reviews could include some comparative information.

For example, the January 2016 edition has a review of the Celestron Omni XLT AZ 102 telescope package, with a stated price of £325. This is not too dissimilar to the price point, circa £349, of the Celestron 102SLT. The Omni AZ102 is an F6.5 (102mm by 660mm) refractor on a manual alt-az mount with tripod. The 102SLT is an F6.5 (102mm ...
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Webcam Capture Software Webcam Capture Software


I'm going to have a go at taking some webcam footage and was wondering what capture software you guys use, is it the generic ones that come with the webcam? or is there some better capture software out there?

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Shops in Lancashire


Complete newbie here, trying to find a decent shop in Lancashire to go and have a look at all the interesting telescopes I have read about. I am currently thinking about a 6" or 8" Dobsonian, probably the Sky Watcher Skyliner range. I don't recall ever having seen a dobsonian in the flesh, so wanted the chance to go and have a look and a play, but struggling to find anywhere around Lancashire that ...
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Moon with Jupiter

I took this using a DSLR at 300mm and various exposure times. I stacked 3 sets of images then combined them to get the final result.

Full size: ... en-public/
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the Moon + its neighbouring' Object '

First saw this through window + went outside to take a photo - then discovered the Moons neighbouring ' Object ' is ' Jupiter '

the Moon + its neighbouring' Object '

First saw this through window + went outside to take a photo

the Moon + its neighbouring' Object '

First saw this through window + went outside to take a photo

My piece on M42

I have finished polishing my latest article in Phil's Scribblings: M42: ... r_M42.html
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Its here!

Hello all

The telescope came Friday so was up most of the night, saw the moon in some lovely detail, also not too bad images of Jupiter although a little blurred I could however see lines on Jupiter unsure if this could be down to the eye piece that came with the telescope, I did try it with different magnifications the 10mm and 25mm and tried both with the 2x barlow lens.
I attempted to ...
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Mare Angius

Monday 25th January.

I took the opportunity of a brief window of observing the moon between it rising high enough at 2200, and the forecast of a front due to appear at 2300. The moon was waning 94%. Temp 8°C Wind 10mph NW.
Chocky the Cat escorted me to the observatory door, and then went off on patrol.
Two craters located near the terminator, Langrenus and Petavius stood out, but it was Mare Crisium which ...
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