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M27 - the dumbbell nebula

The 'dumbbell' is a good 'August' object but I thought I would try a bit early this year. Messier 27 is actually quite bright and in a dark sky can be seen with the naked eye. However on this occasion the lighter sky made it harder to locate. I took 2 x 45sec exposures and combined them to give this image. ( I also experimented with some longer guided exposures - the least said about ...
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Hi everyone I am from South Wales been doing astrophotography for 4 years now (love it) still havnt got a clue what I am doing half the time but i suppose thats half the fun, Just bought a ZWO ASI 1600 mono cool along with the filters just waiting for some clear nights to acctually use it
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A Little Advice


I find myself looking to get back into something I was interested in as a teenager easy guess Astronomy

Tricky thing is I find myself living in A City Centre, with few resources and was considering trying to fnd a way to 'Skywatch' for the most part online

Does anyone know of a place to start?

Online information on the Solar System to start (apart from Wikipedia that is) ...
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who has the biggest telescope on this site )))))))

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By the way ??? who has the biggest telescope on this site

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error on my micro simcard Help

my SanDisk 8gb micro ???? video gone >_<) cant play
i was recording and want to play video on pc
see this .... is this file CO2 File 256KB

can i still play this video,s


thanks for help :)
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When barlow lenses are useful/useless, beginner question

Hello everyone!

I am completely new to astronomy so this question will probably be both easy and a bit dumb. I recently received a Celestron travel scope 70, a fairly weak telescope for a good price in my opinion. I am happy with what it does so far, but I have the possibility of getting a barlow lens (x3) to use with it.
Now my question is wether this lens is even usefull in the ...

minimising Star trails ?

I found this from a 2008 sky at night article Shooting the stars:
Take out the star trails
The rotation of the Earth will make Orion appear to move slowly from east to west. The shorter the focal length of your camera lens, the longer the exposure you can get away with before you start getting star trails in your image. The formula for working out how long you’ve got is
Time (seconds) = 1000 ...
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DSLR adapters for Telescope.

I've been Given a Tasco luminova Telescope And would Love to set up my Nikon 3000 DSLR camera Up to it.

I was wondering if all adapters fitted all telescopes or would need to get a specific one?
Any Information and advise is gratefully received. :] x

Thank you.
Michaela. x
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A couple more moon shots

Hi all I took these shots last night as it was a bit cloudy,hope you like.The fist time I used my focal reducer on my scope to reduce its size.The second image used a 3x ed barlow so is a bit distorted because of the atmospheric conditions last night as it was quite turbulent from the heat haze.
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PSU requirement for a Sky-Watcher EQ6 pro

Had a search for EQ6 pro to find out what current it draws from the power supply.
Nothing in this Forum's search and nothing in the mount documentation.

So I measured the current at the battery feeding the EQ6pro (mVdrop across a 1r0 resistor)
I got ~100mA when I switched on.
Did a few Alt and Dec slews (one at a time) and it hovered around 950mA while fast slewing.
Then left it doing nothing ...
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