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Beginner Telescope Advice Please!


Yes, yet another beginner thinking of getting a shiny new scope! I've been trying to get my head around the variety of all the telescopes and before I commit to anything, your advice would be much appreciated!

As mentioned, I am a complete beginner, however, I am also rather determined to learn and have been thinking about getting one for some time now! I've got my 'Turn Left at Orion' and I am eager ...
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Cannon EOS 550D

Has anyone used a Cannon EOS 550D for astro photography?

I found one at a reasonable price and wondered if anyone on here has had experience of using one.


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I watched a star disappear

Last night, 10/22/18, in New Hampshire, around 9:30 pm I think I saw a star dissapear. I dont know which direction I was looking, but the moon was diagonally to my left and forward if that makes sense. The star was directly forward. There were some clouds in the sky but there was a big open circle with this star in the middle. I started saying that classic "star light star bright" rhyme and I ...
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Comet 46p/Wirtanen

I was just checking out what to have a look at tonight and came across this:

It's a bit difficult to see at the moment being very low in the south and heading south. But at the beginning of November it turns to head north and on 16th December, at closest approach, it increases in magnitude to an estimated nice bright 3 when it will be nestled on ...
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Refractor image

Hi, I am a bit confused doing some research to get by first telescope. As I want something portable and easy to set up I'm leaning towards maybe a 4inch refractor. I understand that the image will be upside down but reading some sources they suggest the image may also be a mirror image.Now I think I can cope with an upside down image for star hopping but not too sure about mirror image on ...
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Hi everyone I am a new member

I'm new, I joined this forum looking forward to learning more about you guys, I hope everyone helps me thanks!
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Day Light Saving

When I switch on my Celestron mount one of the questions on the hand set is Day Light Saving?

Would the answer be yes because we're in BST or no because we're in BST and it's already accounted for. Or no because we're in BST and it's already accounted for!

Also, we'll be in GMT in a couple of weeks, so, what then?


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Dew Heaters Dew Heaters

Hi All,

I have an Astromaster 130EQ, and due to the short tube, and my location I get dew on the primary, after making a dew shield, it still forms dew :( After looking at dew heaters and deciding they are really expensive for what they are....

I bought 3 clothing heat pads from Amazon, which get rather toasty (There is a temp control on them and ...
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First telescope recommendation for a 5 year old

My 5 year old son is obsessed with the solar system, specifically Saturn. Last Xmas he asked for a telescope and I told him that he was probably a little small for Father Xmas to get him one. One year later and he still wants one. I have seen a few in the £30 region but i am concerned that it is a false economy and if it is really rubbish it will put him ...
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Being An Astronomer

The first edition has been reduced on Kindle, while I have started writing the second one:
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