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broken leg

Is it possible to buy a single aluminium leg for the skywatcher EQ3-2 mount?
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NGC5350+ SUN 30/6/2015

Hi All. A another nearly clear night slightly hazy, and good day.
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Celestron NexImage - Please Help!!

I hope someone can help a newbie in astrophotography. I just bought a Celestron NexImage 5, and I followed the instructions to install the software on my PC. I hooked up the camera to the telescope and plugged the USB into the PC, and the driver files appeared to do their thing. It said that software installation was successful, but the icon for the NexImage 5 is missing from the desktop and when I look ...
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Hunter's Night: Inspired by that 70k BP ~1LY pass...

I was astonished to read else-where that a dim RedDwarf & Companion had scooted by within a light-year about 70k years BP. Finding a nice article in SkyAtNight was a lovely bonus.

Although 'Meteor Crater' dates to about 50k BP, there do not seem to be any mega-holes from that era. This suggests its Oort objects missed us. Of course, if the pass stirred up ours, they could still be in-bound. That thought sent me ...
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SUN 22/6/2015

Hi All. Really very cloudy just got 37 out of 400.

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Hi All. Just managed to get 7 images before clouds came in last night.

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Photographing the Sun Using DSLR Photographing the Sun Using DSLR

Hello All,

I'm new here and new to photographty. Eventually I'd like to do some astro photography but for now I'm sticking to DSLRs.

I'd like to know where I can buy a screw-in filter for taking images of the Sun. Is there anything available in the market.

I've searched the internet and found Thousand Oaks but I think they only do filters for telescopes.

If anyone has suggestions kindly let me know.

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M3 + NGC 5466

Hi All. A good clear night.
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SUN 18/6/2015

Hi All. Not to bad a day just a bit cloudy.
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Astromaster 130 EQ and Neximage 5

Hi all,
I'm a bit of a newbie to telescopes and astrophotography. I've been thinking of getting the Celestron Neximage5 webcam to try and capture good images of the moon and planets. Before I go and splash the cash, has anyone out there had experience with a Neximage and a 130mm Newtonian reflector?
Thank you in advance!

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