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Double Star Session2

With visible planets becoming rarer by the day, I've got back to an old activity of discovering double stars.
Here are a couple of favourites located in the 'Little Bear' that I observed yesterday.
Pherkad is a colourful double. A blue 3rd magnitude star and an orange 5th magnitude star
Even a small telescope will show these two

Harder to find is the little companion to the Pole Star. (Polaris) A very small telescope ...
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flash in sky

Hi all I live in north west England im not really big on sky watching but last Tuesday night me and a friend were looking up to see if we could see satelites as it was a clear night. We both seen this little flash in the sky like the flash of electric arc, it was deep space and both of us seen it. did anyone else see it.Does anyone have any idea what it ...
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Nuby Nuby


My name is Jon,

I've always had an interest in all things skyward, but i want to begin to get into astronomy in a bit more depth, as opposed to just watching the odd satellite or flare every now and then!

I guess this is the best place to come for the undoubted wealth of collective knowledge of all seasoned members of this forum

Quick bit about myself, recently separated father of 1,work as ...
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A Quick Double Star Session

Tuesday 23rd August 2016

After a very hot day, the sky began to cover in thin cloud. However by 2230 the sky had cleared.
The temp was still 20̊C with light winds. This is possibly my warmest evening observation.

I decided to image a typical range of double stars visible in the same part of the sky. I took a series of images of alpha Capricorni, (Giedi), and beta Capricorni (Dabih). Giedi is an optical ...
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Moon Pics

Hi I have some moon pictures last night in between the clouds and also I got a fast moving object in the northwest of the sky which not sure if it is a comet as it was quite bright with my mono cam. :D
Hope you enjoy.
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Curious as to what I saw tonight

I’ve got a 6” reflector with equatorial mount. I live near Cambridge UK. Tonight at about 22:30 I was looking at what I think was Arcturus (I’m new to this!) and as I adjusted it into the centre of the eyepiece using the eq mount knobs I noticed a dot of light like a star moving in the opposite direction to the way I turned the knobs and far faster than the stars were moving. ...
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Celstron OMNI XLT or Skywatcher Explorer

I have been looking for months to buy my first telescope and have narrowed it down to Celestron Omni XLT 150 Reflector or Skywatcher Explorer 200P. Both are similar price so am edging towards the Explorer because of the extra aperture and ability to upgrade to goto in future. Any more experienced views would be welcome.
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I'm new to astronomy but learning fast. I love to do astrophotography but find that everything I learnt for normal photography goes out the door. Stacking and image manipulation are all new but well get there.
I use a celestron evolution 6inch, DSLR Canon 100D and nextimager cameras. Attached is my best effort so far is of Saturn; icap softwear then PIPP followed by registax. Taken 9th August this year.

Im still trying to be ...
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Obtaining Miloslav-style eclipse photos with camcorder?

Hi Everyone

As some of you will already know from my previous posting, I am hoping to go to the USA next year to see the solar eclipse and I trying to find the best way of photographing it. I am actually hoping (with the aid of image stacking software) to achieve a photo which is at least vaguely similar to Miloslav Druckmüller's eclipse photos.

I am somewhat on a budget so I don't think ...
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Removing glare from eclpse photos

Hi Everyone

I am hoping to go to the USA next year to see the solar eclipse and I would be very grateful for some advice with photographing it.

It seems that the great majority of eclipse photos on the Internet have a lot of glare in the area of the corona nearest to the Sun which pretty much obliterates any detail in the corona. However, the famous eclipse photos by Miloslav Druckmüller have almost ...
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