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Updated Amazon Page

It was about 10 years out of date. Here's the current one:
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Altair GPCam2 290C

I have a very modest Sky-Watcher SkyMax-127 with SuperTrak Alt-Azimuth Mount, which I greatly enjoy. I am wondering if the Altair Astro GPcam2 290C would be a worhwhile purchase or if the telecope's limitations would make it a total mismatch and a waste of money
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The Ring Nebula

It must be obvious by now but planetary nebulas are a bit of a favourite of mine!
The Ring Nebula in Lyra is nice and high at the moment. A distinctive little grey ring in any telescope becomes a traffic light of colour with just 30secs exposure. This is 11 of those stacked together.

Yes, that little star in the middle is the one that blew off this gas ring.
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Writing Blog

Many of you might consider becoming an astronomy writer. As long as you don't expect your masterpiece to sell like Harry Potter, it could pay for some of your gear but you'll still need a day job.

This is what I get up to and I'll update every few days: ... s-and.html
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Imaging from Astrofarm in France Imaging from Astrofarm in France

We're staying a couple of nights at Astrofarm, a B&B/Gite location dedicated for Astronomers.
Set up by a Brit who's been involved with amateur astronomy for many years, it's got really good dark skies.
Here's an image taken last night using a 200mm, f/2.8 lens - 4x 120second images at ISO 1600
M31 4 stack.jpg
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Baader Hyperion Aspheric

Hi all.
I have a Skywatcher Skyliner 200p (f/6 l believe) and have recently purchased the Baader Hyperion zoom lens which l am quite happy with. I am now looking towards an eyepiece of 30mm + for observing DSO's. I rather like the Hyperion Aspheric eyepices and, to me, it seems a good idea to keep to the Hyperion brand. However, l cant seem to find a great deal of information on them, unlike the ...
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The Blue Snowball

The 'Blue Snowball' is a planetary nebula. (NGC 7662) It is technically in Andromeda, but is well away from any bright stars. It is a fine sight in a telescope, being quite bright. Its 'blueness' is very noteable.
This image is a quick one. I hope to do a better, more detailed images later.
It always reminds me of an old small filament torch bulb.
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Hallo from Broadstairs.

Hi all.
I am very pleased to be a part of this fantastic hobby. lt is, for me, a whole new world as l have only just started. My retirement present from my wife was a telescope. I think she bought it for me so l wouldn't get under her feet. It seems to have worked as l spend most nights in the garden and my days in bed lol.

So far I have seen, ...
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First telescope...what you wish you'd known

I've read through forums, and I don't think I've seen this question asked exactly this way before, so...

I'm just considering buying my first telescope, and I'm not really looking for advice on which specific one to get. I'm really wondering more what you've learned that you wish you'd known before buying your first. At the moment, I think I want to be able to see it all: planets, the Moon, DSOs; but I'm assuming ...
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IC 59 and IC 63 in Cassiopeia yCas star IC 59 and IC 63 in Cassiopeia yCas star

Can you please checkout on Astrobin to do it justice
take off begining and end for link. and start with http:
40 x 5 Minute subs.Dithered
16 x Flats.
16 x Bias.
DSS and Photoshop
Started imaging in April 2017
Canon EOS 750D DSLR - Modded for Astro Imaging
SkyWatcher 120ED Imaging System for Canon DSLR Cameras
EQ6-R PRO Synscan™ Computerised Heavy Duty GO-TO Equatorial Mount
QHY5L-II Mono for Finding/Guiding
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