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High-aperture mirror-lens wide angle telescope

Will make this telescope for you. Changes can be discussed and made if you desire. Here is some info of the telescope:
Entrance pupil diameter – 225 mm
Effective focal length – 340mm
Working focal ratio - 1:1,5
Angular field of view - 9 degrees
Linear diameter of the field of view - 53 mm
Primary spectral waveband - 450-850 nm
Central shielding – 46 %
Relative illumination:
Optical axis – 1
Edge of field ...
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telescope of Hamilton system

Will custom build the telescope to fit your required needs.
Some description of the telescope:
Entrance pupil diameter – 215 mm
Effective focal length – 365 mm
Working focal ratio – 1:1,7
Angular field of view - 5 degrees
Linear diameter of a field of view – 32 mm
Primary spectral waveband - 450 - 850 nm
Central shielding – 16%
Relative illumination:
Optical axis – 1
Edge of field – 0,98
Maximum distortion of ...
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Advice on purchase of telescope

Please could you help, I need some advice. My 8 year old daughter wants a telescope, my issue is that although I want to encourage her to get into astronomy I am reluctant to buy anything that is too expensive that may end up being stuck in a cupboard/garage after a couple of months. Yet at the same time I don't want something that isn't going to show her clear images and help her ...
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Interesting features on a waning moon.

On the 16th November the cloud cleared sufficiently to observe the waning gibbous moon. The shadows gave some interest to some lunar features.

Note the crater Petavius at the top, totally in shadow apart from its rim and central peak. The peak reveals a small crater in its foothills.
The crater Rheita, the strange elongated companion Rheita E, and the roughly chiselled Rheita Valley are located in the middle of the image. At the ...

Big Moon - Small Moon

A 20 minute gap in the cloud last night allowed me to quickly record and image of the full moon. For comparison here is the full moon last night which coincided with a close approach, and the full moon last February when it was at its furthest this year.


The distance to the moon varies every month. Catching the full moon when it is at its nearest seems to have become a feature of ...
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Interactive Planetarium

Hi, I am with Scarborough & Ryedale A.S. and we often get requests for a 'what's up' guide. I wanted to point these requests to your interactive planetarium but the link no longer works. Has it now been removed do you know?

Thanks for the great mag.

All the best.
Mark Tissington
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Childs first scope.

Hi all, help please!
Although I've had a passing interest in astronomy, I've never been serious about it so have 0 knowledge to help my son. He is 10 and is expressing a keen interest in the subject and I would like to nurture this in the form of a telescope for star gazing this Christmas. I'm keen to get something that will support him, and not get him Argos crap that will fail and ...
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Couple of moon pics and a star picture

Hi all I took a couple of pictures of the moon on the 7th Nov of its first quarter and also a star picture,but the seeing was quite poor last night.Hope you enjoy.

Help choosing eyepieces?

Hello everyone.
Last Christmas I got myself a Sky-Watcher Skyliner 250P Dobsonian telescope. Although I haven't gotten a lot of use out of it this year because of cloudy skies and no spare time. The telescope came with Super-MA 10mm and 25mm eyepieces, but I've been meaning to get a few more better ones. The 25 is decent enough, but I feel that the 10 isn't good enough. I was also considering getting 7-9mm and ...
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New camera New camera


Would anyone be able to give me any advice on getting a new camera ? I would like to use it for astrophotography and for scenic pictures etc. Ideally the lenses would be interchangeable. My budget is about £500 any help is appreciated thank you.
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