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Very thin!!

Hi Gang,

It's amazing just how tenuous the atmosphere of this planet of ours really is. This image from astronaut Scott Kelly shows just how thin the atmospheric layer is. Take a look here and see if you realised this before the image!! and before people tell me off- I know that the planet isn't really "ours"..

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NGC 6792

Hi All. Not to bad slightly hazy moon nearly full, but seams to have come out OK.

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SOLD: Meade 2080 8" SCT

SOLD on 28th August 2015.

I have a Meade 2080 8" SC telescope and I'm looking for a new owner for it.

The scope is getting a bit much to move about (even to the garden) and it's difficult for me to transport it to darker skies. So it has not been getting much use lately and deserves a better home.

Although originally bought in about 1990 - and hailing from an era before computer ...
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Cosmic Couple

Hi Gang,

Here is yet another gem from HST. It shows the star WR 124 and the surrounding gas ejected from it. This gas travelling at 150,000kmh gives a real sense of the explosion that created it. See if you agree here

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sun 22/8/2015

Hi All. Just managed this between clouds.

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Beginner's Star Camp

Last year we ran a novices star camp in the Northumberland International Dark Sky Park and it went down so well we are doing it again. Dates are 9 and 10 October at the Kielder Campsite. We'll be deploying our telescopes, offering guidance and staging talks up at nearby Kielder Castle in the heart of England's biggest forest. If you would like to come along PM me or Google Kielder Campsite and see the dark ...
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SUN 16/8/2016

Got this the other day, bean cloudy ever since, spots are very faint.

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Hello to Everyone


My name is Michael Trio. I am new member of the community and i like to say hello to all members.
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End of an Era!

Hi Gang,

Here is a posting from the CASSINI website outlying the details of the probes last flyby of the Moon Dione. Reading this webpage made me realise that this amazing probe that has sent back so many images since it's arrival at Saturn in 2004, is closing in fast on the end of it's mission. In it's final year it will be diving through the ring planes to get some close up and personal ...
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Thats a lot of stars

Hi gang,
Take a look at the close up of spiral galaxy NGC 428 in the constellation of Cetus. The spiral arms in this image shows an amazing amount of starburst activity. Take a look at the image here

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