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Stupid question probably.

Good afternoon all.

I am trying to post a hello and a question but apparently it is too spammy.
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Downloading Classic episodes Downloading Classic episodes

Hello. A while ago, I enquired how I could download classic episodes of The Sky at Night,from the bonus content, for watching on the computer, when an internet connection is not available. When the episodes were on the CD, there was no problem. I received a reply, from Admin, I believe, giving details of a way around this problem. Unfortunately, I did not use the information right away and I did not jot down the ...
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Changing/upgrading mounts

I have had a Celestron evolution 9.25" scope on an Alt /AS mount and am realising that with a f/10 ratio I am not best equipped to move into the world of Astrophotography. Without changing everything very expensively can anyone suggest what mount may be able to take the weight of my scope which is around 16kg.

Many thanks for any help you can give
C Wardlaw
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Startravel 102 Vs camera tripod Startravel 102 Vs camera tripod

Would I be able to use a basic camera/binocular tripod with a Startravel 102 scope?
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'All Sky' Camera

Having seen some interesting applications of 'all sky' cameras, I thought I would give it a go myself.
The base is simply an old plastic paint container. I put in a solid wood disc at the bottom to give it some weight, and to keep the spiders out. There is also plenty of room to put in electronics, batteries etc, in the future if I want a more self supporting unit.
The dome is a ...
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Morning Everyone!

Hi everyone,

ThinAir (Chris) here, just reaching out and saying hi.

Got my first telescope for Christmas (A Celestron Astromaster 130EQ) as a result of the GF getting fed up of me threatening to buy one and spending most of my time outside at night developing a crick in my neck.

I've also invested a pair of binoculars and a little red-light torch after reading something in a book that said it wouldn't affect my ...
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Using Celectron Telescope


Recently I have been presented with a "Celestron Astromaster 130 EQ Telescope. I also received one 10 mm and another 20 mm eye piece. Although I can see the stars through both lenses, I cannot see the big moon visible in the sky? What am I doing wrong? Is there are any set up or lenses needed to view the moon? I am a beginner and am frustrated as I could not see the ...
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Need to start on Minor Planets next

I've just realised that in the last 15 months I have seen all the planets. Uranus in November 2015, Mars and Jupiter in Spring 2016, Mercury as it transited the Sun in early May, Saturn in June, Venus is very visible in the evening sky at the moment, and I saw Neptune through the scope last week. And just to be sure I looked out of the window and had a look at planet Earth ...
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Polaris 114 EQ vs Polaris 130MD EQ Polaris 114 EQ vs Polaris 130MD EQ

I'v been interested in astronomy for a while and i am about to purchase my first telescope and have decided between 2, i'm not very good with the technical side of them so would like some advice on which would be better for me. I have copied the spec of each one from the website which is on currys, i appreciate any feedback.

MEADE Polaris 114 EQ Reflector Telescope - £109.00

Magnification 158 x
Magnification ...
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For sale skywatcher 150p + mount + motor drive

I have a skywatcher 150p black diamond ota with an eq 3-2 mount with polar scope and also the dual axis motor drive.
£150 for the lot or make me an offer for it all of separate bits.
Everything is used but in full working order apart from the tripod head which I modded to fit on my pier I made so a new tripod head would be need to mount the mount.
I will ...
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