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how good are Acromat scopes

But just how good are Acromat scopes

thanks ... 10_1_1_245
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Looking for a good Acromat scope

I want a 5-6" acromat

Any ideas on a decent one appreciated


NO I don't want APO
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Prinz astral 500R Reflector telescope

Ok this is corny, I am over 60 now but my first telescope was this one.

I would dearly love to own it one last time. Again.

I know it is classed as no good now but .....

Any help in locating one would be so much appreciated

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Dew heater temperature

Never having used one before, I have connected up the dew heater and set a thermometer inside to check it

It reaches just above 86f 30c as far as my darkroom thermometer will go

just how warm should they be ?


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Hi all

Hi all,

I am a new member here, and i hope i can learn something about astronomy and astrophotography, i got some details from another sites, but i am always looking for more and to learn more and see more opinions and suggestions and advises.

I am from UAE, living in a small city, it is light polluted, but i won't give up, and no chance or not interest to drive far for darker areas/skies, ...
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Getting Focused

Good evening all, very newbie question for my first post!

Tonight was my first night out with my new Bresser Messier NT150L. The night sky has always been a passion and my wife bought this telescope for my birthday in recognition of that, needless to say I'm absolutely thrilled.

With recent weather I wasn't expecting much but after stepping out into the garden, I quickly located the Orion Nebula and I got to observe the ...
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Battery power

I like gadgets, I don't buy for the sake of buying but when I do I look into things, which is why I have two Pebbles (13200 mAh) , see photo.

I travel a lot as a photographer with Classic Cars Magazine, and rely on backups for charging, phones, batteries for cameras, etc. In fact I carry 2 car batteries in the back with a large inverter.

But having bought the scope I wanted a ...
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Creation of elements heavier than Iron

Does the recent discovery that elements heavier than Iron are created when two neutron stars collide mean that the earlier belief that heavy elements are created in a supernova explosion is wrong, or do both process lead to the creation of elements heavier than iron?

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Has anyone heard of this solar scope

Has anyone heard of this solar scope

DayStar SolaREDI 66 - H-Alpha Solar Telescope

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heater query

Hmmm not impressed that the dovetail bar makes installing the dew heater on the scope a pain, so as a novice do I install it INSIDE or OUTSIDE the dew shield

Inside I assume.

Makes fitting the shield a pain

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