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So what equipment do you own?

Be interesting to see how we all enjoy the night sky! Of course, to do so, all you need is a pair of eyes. Costly equipment is by no means essential.

I'm lucky insofar that I've been the proud owner of an 11" Celestron SCT for the past 14 years. I chose this particular telescope after reading widely & bearing in mind that my main pursuit was going to be the challenge of film based ...
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So how did you get in to this nutty hobby of ours?

I was about 2 years older (i.e. 8 yrs old) than Sir Patrick when I got into this hobby of ours. I remember my father showing my the 'Pole star' one evening. I was dead impressed to see such a bright star, shimmering away in the south western sky as it slowly set. It wasn't until several years later that I clicked that what he had shown me was the planet Venus!!

Like many ...
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Favourite constellation

Out of the 88 constellations up there (many of which are not visible from the UK, of course), do you have a favourite.............and why?

Probably at the top of the list will come Orion. And had we been living in the southern hemisphere, no doubt Scorpius & Sagittarius would be near the top of the list. However my vote goes to Cygnus, the Swan. This constellation has majestic star fields which can even look impressive ...
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The Ring Vs The Dumbell

I started this debate on another forum as to which looked most impressive through the scope.............the tiny celestial smoke ring, M57 - or the Dumbell nebula, M27. Opinions were mixed.

So which looks most impressive? My vote goes to the Dumbell. To me it just seems a good bit bigger & brighter than the Ring. It is also easier, in my view, to image as it has a nice bright guide star in view which, ...
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What astronomy publications do you regularly buy?

Hopefully, as we are on their forum, the Sky at Night will be on everyone's list.

I've cut back on the number of publications I get. Several years back I used to get the whole lot........... Astronomy Now, Astronomy (US), Sky & Telescope...........and a lesser known publication (US publication) called Amateur Astronomy. This latter publication had fewer pages than most of the big ones, but was far more readable as it was compiled completely by ...
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Opinions on Sky at Night magazine

Now that it has been running for 6 months or so, I wondered what opinions were on this new publication.........

Considering that the Sky at Night has been running since, I believe, April 1957, this magazine has been a long time a-coming.

But I believe its been well worth the wait.

Although priced at £4.25, the publication still offers very good value for money. And, of course, you get a CD ROM included in the ...
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What is your favourite planet?

Hopefully Earth would be top of everyone's list as without it we wouldn't be here......or have The Sky at Night every month!

After that, what is everyone's favourite? Telescopically Jupiter & Saturn would probably be the front runners - especially the latter whose ring structure looks beautiful in almost any scope. However my vote goes to Mars. Aside from its striking colour, Mars is a rare treat, appearing as bright (or sometimes brighter) than ...
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So what is everyone's favourite deep sky object?

I'm lucky enough to own an 11" SCT which is just as well, as I live in the light polluted city of Oxford.

Although the likes of M42 looks impressive, my vote goes to M17, the Swan nebula, in Sagittarius. Although low down as seen from the UK, this object really resembles its name when viewed through a telescope on a clear & transparent night. Here's an image I took of it with my film ...

Venusian shadow

In case it's of interest, I managed to image the faint shadow cast by the planet Venus last weekend. I've put up a page describing the project here...
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