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Anyone notice the sunspot thats getting bigger?
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Prime Focus Magnification

I am just starting some basic astrophotography and am using a 35mm SLR at prime focus in my ETX125. Everyone knows how to work out magnification of a telescope with an eyepiece, but I cannot find how to work out the magnification of a telescope at prime focus. I suspect that somebody reading this forum can help me on this.
My first results show a magnification of about half that of the 26mm 4000 eyepeice ...
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10" Skywatcher Revelation Dobsonian.

I am currently using the meade etx 90 EC GOTO and the celestron 675 powerseeker, but want to go for something more bigger so Will be getting the 10" skywatcher Revelation Dobsonian next weekend to come, have asked for quite a few for opinions on what they think to this, and just to make sure this is what i am deffinetely going for, anyones else got opinions on how good this telescope is? It comes ...
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Big comets

Hello everyone, I am new here and have a question.

In the latest issue of the magazine, there's an article about Kuiper Belt objects and comets. In there it says that some comets can be vast, even larger than the Sun.
Surely that is a mistake, I can't see how you could have a comet that is larger than a star, whatever its density. Has anyone else read this?

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Which scope

Hi All,

I'm looking at getting my next scope, which would be a Meade or Celestron SCT goto type, with Celestron being my primary choice.

The Celestron CPC 800XLT has good reviews and would most probably be a great scope.

However I guess that if you wanted to upgrade at a later date to a bigger aperture your stuck due to the fork widths.

Alternatively the Celestron Advanced S series 8" SGT is comparitively cheaper ...
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maksutov cassegrain - should I?

Hi all,
I'm looking for advice please. I've currently got a Skywatcher 130m (excellent pics on you site by the way g4aqb) and am looking to upgrade. I'm thinking about getting a Meade ETX 105PE Maksutov-Cassegrain. I have about £700 to spend, am I doing the right thing? Any help about what I should get greatfully received, definately want a computer controlled one (I'm v. lazy!!).
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Where has everyone gone?

Before the Server 'crashed', this forum was a 'hive of activity', now its more like the 'Marie Celeste'.

Very different to the UKAI forum, which is 'buzzing' with activity.

Perhaps folk thought it had disappeared into a 'Black Hole', never to re-appear.
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Bresser Messier Refractors

Hi to everyone. Has anyone out there recently bought a Bresser Messier refractor, if so what is your opinion of these scopes? I already have a Dobsonian 6" and 12" reflector for deep sky viewing, but I am considering buying the 5" refractor for planetary work. On the whole the Messier scopes, build and optics sound pretty favourable on paper, but any user comments would be most welcome.
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Hard Cases -Suggestions ?

Whats the cheapest solution for hard cases for say a 4.5" 500mm Newtonian ?
I'd rather keep it in a sleeping bag rolled up than pay £200 -which seems to be par for the course for branded cases.

Anyone know of any cheaper solutions ?


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Q1 Mount -question

Is this mount with the Skyhawk 1145 4.5" robust enough to take an added single axis motor drive ?
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