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July Summary

An interesting month and don't forget the links at the bottom: ... ctive.html
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Perseid Meteors

On 31st July I went outside at around 11:30pm local time. While looking up I saw a Perseid meteor. It reminded me that the number of these will increase until the best time which occurs on the evening of Friday 12th August and the early morning of the Saturday 13th. (However see the edit below) Perseids can be identified because they appear to originate from the constellation of Perseus. (In fact they are left over ...
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New Stellarium Version

Just FYI - version 0.15.0 has been released today.
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wide angle lens for my DSLR camera

As a novice I thought I would try some simple astroimaging! I am not sure which wide angle lens to buy for My Canon 500d which would give me the best results. It a simple star trail image I thought i would try first.
Any advice is welcome for my extremely basic question!

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Andromeda galaxy viewing

As a fairly new 'astronomer' I have been exploring much of the new information I have gleaned from magazines and sites like this one.
Over the last few nights my goal has been to work my way through all combinations of barlow x 2 lens and eyepieces to find out all of the properties of my scope- a celestron 9.25 evolution.

It does seem that I can see a fuzzy blob of cotton wool like ...
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UK Space Mission Education Scheme Fundraiser

Hello everyone,

I am a genuine subscriber to the magazine (for 2 years now) and I love the show (however I missed the Juno episode :( ) however I am posting because this seems like the best place to find people who may support this. I am a volunteer running a campaign to raise funding for me and my group to take education materials to schools around ...
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DeepSkyStacker question

Can anyone explain the difference between - Sigma Clipping, Median & Average Combination?
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A sunspot group in a heatwave

In the midst of a solar minimum period, a group of fairly large spots have appeared.
In our present heatwave taking images wasn't exactly a pleasant experience, and the heat didn't help with the image either. The computer fan was going at full speed too. I only took 3 sets of images before getting out of the sun. :oops:

First the context of the spots. No focal ...
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Nice Moonlit Sky Photo

The nearly full moon, Mars and Saturn made a colourful sky in the 17th July. I had friends over so the telescope was only been used for siteseeing. I thought a photo of the sky with the observatory in the foreground, backlit by the moon would look nice.
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Some Moon Pic And Saturn

Hi I managed to get a couple of shots and one of Saturn which was quite difficult as it was low in the sky.
Read more : Some Moon Pic And Saturn | Views : 339 | Replies : 3 | Forum : Your astro observations, images & sketches


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