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can you make a TRAILER of Your Telescope \(^o^)/

hello my silly question is ????

hello nice to meet you I have found classic telescope
my question is does somebody else also make trailer off telescope,s

SEE MY 5 trailer,s
Go Too. Google and type this in ... Live Polarex

oFF ??

go to youTube .. type in ... Live polarex
you see my... trailer,s :lol:


Hello from New Jersey!

Hi all,
I am a retired astronomy teacher (high school and college levels, including operating the planetarium of the university I worked for) and a lifetime astronomy buff. I am hoping to see the total solar eclipse visible across much of the USA on August 21, something I have waited my entire life to see. I'm flying to friends in Rapid City, SD and we're driving south to Nebraska and putting ourselves in the town ...
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Camera lens or an apo refractor?

The new Sigma 100-400mm f5-6.3 looks interesting and has received excellent reviews. It's currently retailing for £799. I figure you could get a 2.5" triplet apo refractor for the money. The lens of course offers autofocus and stabilisation on top of the variable focal length. But the refractor would have better contrast for astronomy work.

Thoughts? (I've already got a 66mm doublet refractor.)

Dave B.
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where to locate the Barlow?

I lost my post !

Starting again
I have bought a refractor to replace my not good 6" Newtonian.
The scope has a 2" focuser, and I ordered a 2" diagonal and a 2" Barlow.
What order do it place the diagonal and Barlow?

Focuser > Barlow > diagonal > eyepiece
Focuser > diagonal > Barlow > eyepiece

The Barlow came with 2" to 1.25" adaptor, so I can use either 2" or 1.25" ...
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making a programme on ion drive

would you be interested in making a programme on ion drive, my theory is to react xenon with flourine to produce a compound thus increaseing accelleration. plus n.a.s.a'ers chang diaz claims 39 days for the trip to mars.

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on this

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1st attempt at m5 cluster

Hi all please see an image of M5 globular cluster.Hope you enjoy.
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Equipment Envy

We've all been there! We see a photo online or in a magazine that was taken with a 999mm APO and a multi zillion, billion, quintillion terapixel camera. We think that if we just got a higher-paid job or won the lottery, we could get the gear and take pictures like that ourselves.

Apart from the fact that there might actually be some skill required, the fact is that most of us have to work, ...
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A good starter scope ready for imaging ?


I am very new to astronomy and I'm looking for a scope and mount that is good starter to general viewing but I can use for astrophotography later. I recently went to a local club and had a look through a few different scopes. I was going to get a 8 or 10" dob but, one they are quite big to store and transport and I would need to collimate it so I think ...
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1st Attempt of Ring Nebula m57

Hi all this is my first attempt of the ring nebula last night,it is not very good as I had to contend with high cloud in the atmosphere and I am hoping to get a better image on Thursday night as hopefully will be better conditions.Hope you enjoy.
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Is this a meteor?

I took a photo of a full moon on 11/4/2017 0302GMT on an old phone. Just got a new phone and noticed something. Any ideas? How do i submit a smaller file or show the while image to someone?
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