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Think New Horizons is finished?

Hi gang,

A few of the readers may be thinking that the New Horizons mission was a great success at Pluto but that is that. Guess again gang. The mission is far from over and indeed the science from Pluto is still pouring in. Take a look at the mission page here to see what's happening. There is a great animation on this page that shows how Pluto's moons are tumbling about in their ...
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Looks like home!

Hi Gang,

Take a look at this image taken by the HiRISE camera on board the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. At first glance it could be mistaken for an image of some beach somewhere on Earth but it is actually an image of Ophir Chasma on Mars. Take a look for yourself and see what you think!

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What next!

Hi gang,

How do you get children interested in learning about comets? Simple make a nice animation about the life of a comet! To see what they came up with ( it is good fun to watch!!) go here

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The Shape Of Things To Come!!

Hi gang,

Astronomers at the VLT in Chile have had a glimpse of the far future of the Solar System. For the very first time they have seen the shattered remains around a white dwarf, named SDSS J1228+1040, which most astronomers believe will be the fate of our Sun in some four and a half billion years. Take a look at the news release here

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NGC 660

Hi All. Only got 3 images last night before clouds moved in.

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Meade LX200 EMC 254mm 10" inch f/10

Meade LX200 EMC 254mm 10" inch f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope and Comes in case with finder scope. Field tripod included, as well as the equatorial wedge, all optics, and all cables and adapters necessary to use the telescope(excluding illuminated reticle and CCD filter set). Includes everything you need to start viewing and photographing the night sky. This is the ultimate package deal

Asking price € 1900
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Televue NP127is Tripod Gibralar 5

Televue NP127is and Tripod Gibralar 5 with Sky Tour Computer plus accessories

Telescope TeleVue NP 127is OTA
Mounting Ring TeleVue
Tripod Gibralar 5 and Sky Tour Computer
Diagonal mirror Everbrite 2 inch
Finderscope TeleVue Starbeam
Focusing driver TeleVue
My price for everything is €4800
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Please help, what is the difference between these

Hello, I'm looking to purchase a telescope, am brand new to all of this. I have seen this one but found it for two very different prices. Please could someone advise if there is a lot of difference between the two kits and if the one is worth the more premium price tag?

Unfortunately I am unable to copy in the URL's as keep getting error message saying to remove off site URL's as post ...

Which Scope?

Hi all,
So I'm new to the hobby and I'm looking to buy my first telescope so I came here for recommendations. Ideally I'd like to observe dso, with the option of eventually capturing images. However I'd also like something that can cope well locally, moon, mars viewing etc. I would much prefer something that was portable, am I now starting to ask for too much?haha. So far I have been looking at complete kits ...
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Watch House EQ Platform

I am selling my watch house EQ platform that I used with my 8" Dob. it is in good condition with a few scuffs and chips (which can be painted over). the motor, bearings etc are in excellent condtion.

They are no longer making these which make them rare. I am willing to post at buyers expense.

Huge benefit to Dob users and also brillinat for widefield long exposures.

£460 new, looking for £350 ono ...
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