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I'm very happy to find and being accepted in this awesome forum as a member
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M34 Open cluster

Hi all this is an image I took on the 31st October and a took a video,I then put it through autostakkert and once stacked put it into registax.I then used gimp to further enhance the image and ended up with the following image as attached.
Thanks for looking.
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Celestron 130 slt

So I read the reviews and bought a Celestron 130 SLT.

A couple of questions:

1. When using the eyepieces, I am getting frustrated. I find that if I am 1mm too close to the eyepiece, I can see nothing, if I am 1mm too far away I can just see black. I have to maneuver my head into exactly the right place to see what I am looking at, it is very annoying. Are ...
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Mirpak star ?

Hi all I took a couple of images of Mirpak,I think with my mono cam and also modified a couple to get more detail.
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Moon October 18th

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Amateur Reflector Scope??

As an amateur teenage astronomer I am interested in buying a reflector as a second telescope with a budget of around £300. I was looking at either the Celestron Astromaster 130EQ or the Celestron Nexstar 130SLT. I like the idea of the GoTo feature, but i was unsure because of the similar prices whether the optics of the Astromaster would be significantly better than the Nexstar. Any advice would be greatly appreciated,
J. ...
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CROSSHAIRS on Newtonian 150/750

I have a Newtonian 150 - 750P / Skywatcher

I see crosshairs!!!!

I bought a laser collimator and it is perfectly aligned using this with both lasers hitting the centre DOT on the main mirror and the target on the collimator!
When I look at anything through the scope I can still see the CROSSHAIRS of the scope.
I have read many articles and watched many videos about this problem but I STILL have the ...
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Atlas and Hercules

A waning gibbous moon was still pretty bright at around 11pm on the 18th Oct. Those 2 strongmen, Altas and Hercules, or at least their craters on the moon, were very prominent on the top right hand side of the moon. A favourable libration, or 'tipping' of the moon on that side showed them more 'face-on' than usual.
Along with the small crater inside Hercules, a closer look revealled the usual crater in Hercules' ...
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suitable laptop for astrophotography

Hi all, my current laptop is on its way out and I am looking to purchase a new one. My budget isn't great, as far as laptops go (£350), but I was wondering if there are any specific specifications I should be looking for. I have been looking at a couple of Lenovo's on Amazon which has a vast price range. Any hints/tips on what I should be looking for to steer me in the ...
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