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New Horizons a success!!

Hi gang,

After a nine and a half year journey the New Horizons probe finally made it's historic flyby of the dwarf planet Pluto. The images and science sent back by the probe have revealed Pluto and it's major moon Charon to be absolutely fascinating worlds. One of the first items was to get an accurate measurement of Pluto. This turned out to be that Pluto has a diameter of 2370 km (18.5% that of ...
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Elephants Trunk Nebula in HST palette

This is another image taken with my new FLI ML x814 camera on my Televue NP127/FLI astrograph. As an experiment I took this with the camera binned 2x2 so as to match the camera better to match the pixel size to the optics. Unfortunately my light panel gave up the ghost so this hasn't had flats applied to the data.
Exposures are 18x10 minutes Ha, 17x10 minutes OIII and 15x10 minutes SII. Processing is ...
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Europa's blood red veins show clearly in this image!!

Hi Gang,

Take a look at this image of Europa from Galileo. It shows what appear to be bloody red veins running across the landscape of the moon of Jupiter. The image suggests that there may be biological processes still continuing on this enigmatic moon. Take a look and see what you think here

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Maganetars power super strong gamma ray burst.

Hi Gang,

Observations from ESO’s La Silla and Paranal Observatories in Chile have for the first time demonstrated a link between a very long-lasting burst of gamma rays and an unusually bright supernova explosion. The results show that the supernova was not driven by radioactive decay, as expected, but was instead powered by the decaying super-strong magnetic fields around an exotic object called a magnetar. The science behind the discovery by scientists at the ESO ...
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WOW again!!!

Hi Gang,

If you have read any of my posts from a few years ago you will know that every now and again I come across an image that is so stunning that I have to post them as WOW images, and this is one such image. It is an image of our Sun using the data from several telescopes, namely the High-energy X-rays from NASA's Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) are shown in blue; ...
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Martian Abstract Art!

Hi gang.

Take a look at this image from ESA showing a region of Mars called the Tharsis volcanic province. The regions volcanic and tectonic activity have combined to make this topographic image of the region look like some kind of abstract art. The region shows a wide variety of activity covering a great deal of the Martian history. Take a look for yourself and read the science of the image here

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Ghostly galaxy!!

Hi Gang,

Take a look at this rather strange looking galaxy. It does as the heading says look like a ghostly galaxy. Also as they say it's strange appearance may be due to a recent (at least on astronomical time) collision between this galaxy and one of it's neighbours. A beautiful image none the less. See what you think here

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Hubble looks at stunning spiral

Hi Gang,

Although the HST (Hubble Space Telescope) is getting near the end of it's run time, it can still produce some jaw dropping images. Take a look at spiral galaxy with the exotic name of J04542829-6625280 but sometimes referred to as LEDA 89996. The stunning image shows an amazing amount of dust and gas in the spiral arms, all the raw materials for making new stars and new planetary systems. Take a look at ...
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IC5070 - "The interesting bit!" in HST palette

I haven't posted in a while as I have been out of commission due to having major surgery on my right knee (TKR) and didn't want to risk hobbling around in the dark on crutches and tripping over cables etc. I have been able to do some imaging over the past couple of months though. This is an image of part of IC5070 taken with my Televue NP127/FLI astrograph but using a Microline x814 ...
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Planetary Imaging - Help Needed


I am new to astrophotography and recently I bought a Celestron Neximage 5 to go with my Celestron SkyProdigy 102. I installed the software and imaged the moon (with good results), and recently I tried to image Saturn, but without success this time. I set everything up and I was tracking Saturn with a 5mm eyepiece making sure that it was centered. But when I replaced the eyepiece with the NexImage camera my laptop ...
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