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Messier Objects Poster

*Gah. Unfortunately it seems I am unable to post a link to where my poster is available for sale, so if anyone is interested -either just to look or to buy - please PM me and I will provide a link by reply.*

I finished this just yesterday and am pleased with the result.

RA and Dec data was sourced from The SIMBAD Astronomical Database; Magnitude data was sourced from NASA’s High Energy Astrophysics Science ...
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Rob, in Shefford, Beds.

Hi all!

I'm Rob, and I live in Shefford, Bedfordshire, with my girlfriend and her son. I'm fascinated by most areas of science and mathematics but am particularly interested in astronomy and physics. Up until recently I've been more interested in the science of astronomy than the practical side, but I am hoping to dabble with the latter a little more in the near future.

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Pollution Free Online Database

Isn't there a database for quality stargazing? Or could one be set up?
Access from SANM forum users who can highlight areas of zero to low light pollution in a country on a database?
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hello, im a newbie

hi im a newbie, go easy on me please.
got my first telescope 3rd aug for my birthday.
celestron 76

andy, warrington england uk
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Hi Gang,

As you are probably aware I like to post the occasional WOW image. This image (IMHO) takes a step up from that into an OMG image (no offense by use of the word intended). We are all used to seeing amazing deep space images of galaxies and nebulae, but just take a look at this image from the Deep Space Climate Observatory. From a million miles away it is an image of a ...
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WOW Hubble does it again!!

Hi Gang,

Just when you think pictures of nebulae couldn't get any more detailed or fascinating, up pops HST with yet another amazing image. Take a look at this absolutely stunning image of M8 the Lagoon Nebula in the centre of Sagittarius. Take a look at the image here If you have a few minutes (although it may take somewhat longer!!) take a look around the Hubble Site, the views of the cosmos are ...
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A Chance to win with ESA!

Hi gang,

To all you budding music writers ands reformers out there, here is a chance to win a trip to ESA headquarters by writing a cosmic tune. You need to come up with a sound that gives the listener a vision of travelling through space! To read the proposal and listen to some of the entrants, go here

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Mars' cold shoulders!

Hi Gang,

Looking just like an image of Earths mountainous regions from space, this image from Mars' Northern Plains shows a good layer of frost on the crests. This carbon dioxide from can cause various surface features such as flow features in the gullies. To see the image go here

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Astronomers at the KECK telscope find Uranus size planet.

Hi Gang,

Nothing new about finding large exoplanets you think? Wrong! This planet is not right next to it's parent star, as most large exoplanets seem to be, but this one is 370 million miles away from it's parent star which is close to the Sun-Jupiter distance. Not still impressed? This star system's exoplanet was discovered using a technique called Gravitational Micro lensing, which should produce the correct planetary alignment once in every million years ...
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A Fantastic Site

Hi gang,

I have just been astro trawling the net (nothing unusual there I hear you say, and you'd be correct!) and I found these images and animations from the Philae probe on the comet 67P Churyumov-Gerasimenko. The resolution on some of these images is mind bogglingly brilliant. At this page the images are acquired from the dizzy height of 9m above the surface and shows the landing point in the most exquisite detail. Take ...
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