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M42 orion Nebula

Hi all I took this image on the 12th Febuary with my skwatcher ed 80 and stacked using deepskystacker and used new software to get rid of the light pollution.I thought I would share the test shot,thanks for looking.

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M45 first attempt with Dslr camera

Hi all I managed to retrieve some data from M45 that I took on the 12 february after getting some help from geet on how to process my images as they would not stack.This is what I ended up with 2minutes and 48 seconds of data.I thought I would share as I am still learning with my camera.I downloaded apt software the other day as to help with my quest.Thanks for looking.
m45second.jpg ...
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February Report

It was all solar and lunar until the last days when it cleared: ... -2019.html

Here is the video with D'Yer Make 'Er by Led Zep:
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Earth's tilt.

I succesfully explained to my son the reasons for the change in seasons (relating to the UK being more face-on, to the sun, in summer than in winter. However, I was glad I was not asked why the earth is tilted, off-axis, in the first place. Please can someone assist. Thankyou.
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Planets orbits question

I think the word for this is apsis. I was just wondering if anyone knew a source where I could find when planets are out closer/closest points as searching for it just told me about mars in July last year
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Mercury - Spring 2019

As is usual sometime in Spring, Mercury is well placed in the evening sky - for a little while. It is probably best seen in the afternoon while it is still high in the sky, but that requires an aligned 'goto' or some other means to find it. During the past week the sun has lit up very thin, high clouds making it impossible to see let alone image. A change of wind direction seems ...
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Seven Sisters Ride Again

OK, yawn for some of the longest-serving victims of my posts but here's M45 again, this time without a comet: ... ed-public/
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File Types

What's best?

AVIs or SERs for video files?

FITs, TIFs or PNGs for single images?

I had not heard of SERs or FITs before I bought my Altair GPCAM290. My understanding is that with short exposures, videos are better and with long exposures single images are better. And then the file choice is down to whatever software is being used. DSS will stack TIFs and FITs but Registax will only stack FITs.

What else should ...
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DSS Only One Frame

We've had some good clear skies over the last couple of nights in Kent. (I saw Mercury setting tonight (always a bit of a treat! (It will be at it's greatest eastern elongation in a few days.))) The new heated dew shield is working nicely. Visually the CGX is performing well now I can do a half decent polar alignment. I got some (poor!) images of M42 Thursday night after finally working out how to ...
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Lens choice

I have a Canon EOS 200D and I would like an 'old fashioned' style wide angle lens where I can manually focus to infinity.
I have manual focus on my current lens but it is a continuously rotating ring that sends an electronic signal to the camera.
I want a definite 'end stop' type of focus if this makes any sense.
Are there any suitable lenses preferably around 10 to 18mm?
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