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On the 13th April I decided to run off image sets of 8 different lunar features. As is often the case most of them turned out pretty mediocre but one of them I must have hit a short period of good seeing conditions. Of course I'm not going to show off the mediocre ones! :)
In the crater, Theophilus, can be seen the complex 4 peak ...
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Vivitar 60x/120x lenses

I have a 5mm lens and a 10mm lens. My last telescope had 3 lenses . which one am I missing?
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Advice on observing the sun using reflector & filter(s)

I've what might well be a bit of a daft question re observing the sun.

I've a Skywatcher 200 reflector & have successfully observed the sun using a Baader Astrosolar filter over the end (I know not to do it any other way & to check for pinholes etc).

My query is whether (& what type) of H-alpha filter could be used to complement this and let me see the sun in a different light ...

What was the first proper telescope you looked through

Hi all,

Last night as my friend, Rob, was leaving I noticed that it was a lovely night and he had never seen Jupiter through a telescope. So, I set up my 120mm Refractor and he had the 'WOW' moment...

My first look through a 'proper' astronomical telescope was at the Lytham St.Annes Astro Soc in 1977. We met monthly at the St. Annes College of FE. - One night we decided to observe through ...

Off to the stars........

Hawking and others - micro space craft.
Question: Newton's law of action / reaction. If we use the enormous energy source of numerous power stations to propel the craft, surely the 'reaction' will be to shift the earth in orbit or rotation?
With apology from a 'beginner' remembering ( incorrectly ? ) a bit of science from school..
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what lense to use

Hi all

I am still new to astronomy and wondered what lense sizes you would use to look at the moon, planets etc. I have tried messing around but some lenses appear never to go into focus as if they are too powerful. I also use a 3x and 2x barlow.

Any help gratefully received.

Regards tony
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New large sunspot

After predictions that the sun might end up with no sunspots at all, a large one (AR2529) comes around the limb. Not only is it a fair size, but it has lots of easily visible detail.
Unfortunately, although sunny, there is a persistant thin layer of cloud which is knocking the contrast right down. At also makes for a hazy photo.

I managed to get this on Sunday (10th) afternoon, but the lack of ...
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Modding a Canon 450D for Astro Imaging

Hi guys
I have recently acquired a used 450D body and my intention is to remove the filter to make it more receptive to Ha.
Has anyone done this modding procedure ?
If so, how easy/difficult is the process and is it possible for you to provide me with a "blow by blow" idiots guide to achieving this.
your help in this matter would be very much appreciated
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Canon 450D imaging with 50mm 1.8 lens

Hi guys
I have an unmodded 450D which I have fitted an Astronomik CLS clip filter.
I took some sample images using my Canon 50mm lens set at f2.5
The resultant lights came out with an extremely mid blue background.
I put the 5 light frames through deep sky stacked and the resultant tiff image was still quite a mid blue background.
Is this normal when using a CLS filter and if so how do ...
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Hi, i'm very much the novice here, with next to no equiptment and even less money to spend but i'm interested in some astrophotography. I understand that you need a decent exposure time to capture anything other than bright sky objects, but to avoid trails you then need some sort of tracking mount. Anyway my question is, is it possible to build such a mount, from scratch, or with some parts, to cut costs. What ...
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