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NGC 7479

Hi John. A nice clear night last night.

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NGC 6229

Hi John. A nice clear night but this is very low in west.
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SUN 6/9/2015

Hi All, Not to bad a day, a bit cloudy but clear between.

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The Sun: Why Doesn't It Shrink?

The Sun is supposed to be a giant ball of compressed hydrogen gas. The compression makes it operate as a kind of thermonuclear reactor, continually using up the hydrogen as fuel.

If this is true, the hydrogen in the Sun must be getting "used up" all the time. So shouldn't we see some sign of this, for instance by observing a shrinkage of the Sun? Yet we don't see this. The Sun seems to stay ...
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A Fire in Space?

Hi Gang,

Is it just me or does this image Of the nebula Mon R2 look like some kind of wild fire in space? The nebula is 2700 light years away and is studded with hot new stars as shown in this image from the Herscel observatory.

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It is just like being there!!

Hi gang,

I was going to post another WOW comment but too many kinda spoils the effect I think!! This does however qualify for one of those images. It is a Hubble image of the galaxy M96. The superb detail of the arms and the dust lanes just show up so superbly in this image. Take a look for yourself here

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WOW again!

Hi Gang,

Sorry to be repetitive gang but this is another WOW image and I'm sure you will agree. It shows a butterfly like appearance from this planetary nebula that is formed by a binary star system !!! This rare nebula is called The Twin Jet nebula or more scientifically PN M2-9. It may just be my opinion and I make no apologies for this but just look at the lobes and see the amazing ...
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The Ideal Job?

Hi Gang,

It may seem like an ideal job to some people, but for me I think lying in bed for 60 days and 60 nights may be pushing it just a little too much!! This is the study already being undertaken at a number of locations within the eurospace industry. Take a look at the webpage here and form an orderly queue for volunteers!

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A Gigantic Recycling Plant!!

Hi Gang,

This is one of those images that is best when you choose to look at the image full screen and just sit and look at this amazing image. It is of the huge GUM 56 nebula where new stars are being born from the nebulae produced by dying stars and supernova explosions. Taken by the 2.2 metre MRG/ESO telescope in Chile this image shows dramatically that you don't need to necessarily be in ...
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Martian rocks contain early atmosphere!

Hi gang,

In the search for life on Mars it may be that the rocks contain some of the most interesting pointers. Not in showing life directly, but in the showing that the rocks contain up to twice the level of carbon that is present in the present atmosphere. One of the richest areas of carbon rich rocks is in the Nili Fossae Plains and this image of the area by MRO shows this in ...
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