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Melton and District Astronomical Society Friday June 12

This Friday’s meeting, on June 12, will be ‘The Life of Stars’ by David Conner. What are stars? How are they born and how do they die? How do they shine? Find out something about those little points of light in the night sky and the lives that they lead. Gaddesby Village Hall doors open 7.30pm, all welcome.

Strange light

I work the night shift (for years outside) and have been interested in astronomy my whole life. I constantly look up at the sky and have become acutley aware of astronomical events, Planet movements, meteor showers, satelites vs high alltitude aircraft... I know the difference.

So in the past 8 months I have witnessed two identical phenomenon in the sky that I can't explain (I do not beleive in UFO's). The first occurance was in ...
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SUN 6/7/2015 + HICKSON

Hi All. Another clear night and day.

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Looking to get a refractor telescope

I am returning to the hobby and looking for some advice.

Currently I have a Celestron Nexstar 8 (very old model now but still works fine).

I am mainly interested in planets and the Moon. I have read that refractors are good for this.

I was thinking of getting a refractor telescope. Looking to spend say £300-£400 max.

I would also like a non-computerised one that I can just point and view easily.

Ideally ...
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Hi everyone
I am returning to the hobby after a few years of practical inactivity (laziness really).

Had my old faithful Celestron Nexstar 8 out the other night with my new partner and we enjoyed the views of Saturn, Jupiter and Venus (in that order of enjoyment). The Moon is our next target. My partner had not used a telescope before and this was my first time in ages so it was a good night. ...
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Hello from a newbie

Morning all,
Im a complete newcomer to astronomy and i want to but my first telescope. My budget is around £300 any advice is greatly appreciated.
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Hi All. A bit of high cloud not to heavy.

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Hi All. did this last night reasonably clear, but focus is way off.

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John Dobson video

Hi all,

I'm sure many of you will have seen it but I recommend searching out 'Telescope Building with John Dobson' video on YouTube. I learnt more about how my scope is put together (and how I could try making my own one day!) from this video than anything else I've seen or read.

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May Video

Mostly Sun and Moon, accompanied by songs by Andy Williams:
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