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Mars - a lot better

6th June 2016

A lovely clear day retained its clarity, without any mist or fog this evening. At from 10:30pm local time, the sky was sufficiently dark enough, with Mars at it's highest. (Only 16° high) Temp 8°C, and calm.

I could see that the seeing was very good tonight, and even though Mars was very low down, it was fairly steady. Through the eyepiece it was possible to see some occasional sharp features. In ...
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Help to buy first telescope

Hi, total newbie here!

After ages scouring the internet for advice for a first telescope, I'm pretty much down to the Skywatcher 130p-ds or the 150p-ds. I want to be able to take photos (it's OK, I know I won't be competing with Hubble!) My questions are:
1) Will I really notice the difference between the 130 and 150?
2) What does the ds mean - I gather it's helpful for photography but I don't ...
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Black Holes.....

A Black Hole has a mass - right?

Is it an object or an area of space?
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Not seeing as much as expected

Just bought a telescope for the first time

SkyWatcher Startravel 120mm AZ3 Refractor Telescope with Eyepieces Supplied (1.25"): 10mm & 25mm

All set up last night and managed to find what I am sure were Jupiter, Mars and Saturn. I admit my expectations were probably a bit high and I expected to see huge planets in my viewfinder but things were smaller than I imagined. It was out of a bedroom window which I know ...
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Trading up equipment.


Most people purchase scopes then trade-in as they trade-up the equipment tree. To facilitate this, there has to be a market for second hand equipment.

I have purchased Celestron and William Optics over the years and was after a starter scope for my son, so bought an Orion Dobsonian off ebay, from someone trading up. (Note this is Orion US , and not Orion Optics UK)

The courier managed to damage the scope, so ...
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Mars - at least I tried !

On the 26th May, the sky cleared at around 11pm local time, giving me my first chance to observe Mars this year. One disadvantage of an observatory is that you have to wait until an object gets passed a tree or a house, rather than simply moving the telescope! The other problem is that the lip of the aperture limits how low down an object can be seen. Mars at only 15 degrees above the ...
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Skywatcher explorer 130m advice

Hi, I have a Skywatcher Explorer 130m which I'm having some problems with. Everytime I try to view a planet or other object my telescope will move slightly when I have it set and go to look through the eyepiece. The object then goes out of view so I have to adjust the scope again. Am I doing something wrong with my setup?

Also, any recommendations on additional equipment that will help with increasing size ...
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Meade Infinity 102mm refractor

Hi there, I recently became interested in astronomy, so bought a cheap Meade telescope (the 50mm infinity refractor), but now want to upgrade. I have looked at various refractor models in my budget and have decided to stay with the Meade Infinity range as I like it the most. Was just wondering if anyone has the 102mm refractor that could give me a realistic review. Thanks :)
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Jupiter Pics

Hi all here are some Jupiter pics using a 2x barlow.
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Mars at opposition

At the moment Mars is a fine sight blazing away in the south east at midnight. It is starting to move over to the south now fairly rapidly, and rising a little higher by midnight, and getting even brighter. It is still very low down, but anyone wanting to see a fair sized disk, and hopefully some detail will have to observe it in the next couple of weeks. It will get smaller again just ...
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