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New Sunspot 2671

Hi all I managed to get 2 images today between the rain and clouds,hope you enjoy.
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Phil's Software Downloads

I've added a lot more free or trial software:
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First attempt of M31 In colour

HI all I managed to capture this image the other night with my new 290c camera,I only took 5seconds and the gain was fully up.Hope you enjoy.
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Getting somewhere with the Star Adventurer

I'm enjoying getting to grips with the Skywatcher Star Adventurer.
Most recently on Saturday when I managed to get a decent polar alignment, so was able to get something worth processing with my 200mm f/4 lens on the camera.
10x 60s images
Needs a lot more work, but the stars are round, and I'm getting there with it
Andromeda M32 Aug 12th rgb resize.jpg

Nexstar 5SE or 6SE

Hello all,

I hope you don't mind the silly question and one I am sure you have heard before!

My son has been using his cousins Nexstar 4SE and has well and truly gotten the bug. I have been asked continually about buying him his first telescope and to be fair he has spent a lot of time researching which has been great to see.
He would like to go with the Nexstar 5SE, but ...
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Perseid Meteors

I put out my home-made 'All Sky' camera last night (9th/10th) to see if I could bag any meteors. The cloud came and went throughout the night, but I managed to get one at about 0114 UT. The moon, as well a lightening the sky played havoc with the plastic dome protecting the camera, producing flares, shading and bright spots all over the image. The meteor trail is about 16 degrees long, and must have ...
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want Meteor shower free software :)

meteor detector shower software ... free good software please

someone have any tips ?????

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Parts help!

Hi guys!

I recently bought my first telescope hoping for some dreamy star gazing but as I got home I realised I'm missing pieces! I went back to the person I bought it off and he wasn't there! The telescope is a NG70FS. I believe I'm missing the 45° prism. 3x Barlow lense and 4mm/20mm eye piece. I've had a look online and prices vary from 30-40 pounds for the named brands to 5-10 for ...
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July Summay and Links

My July #astronomy summary with links to the full report and video: ... ctive.html
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Photobucket's Ransom demand.

I'm writing this once here so I don't have to repeat it on every thread I've contributed to.


Photobucket, having previously flagged up the use of its image hosting site for forums, (third party images) have now decided to demand $39/month to allow the images already posted on forums to be seen. Always supposing I had that kind of money to spare, there is a principle at stake here. Thousands of people all over ...
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