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Hi All. At least there are some spots seeing good.

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New to the subject New to the subject

I have just purchased my first telescope after having an interest in astronomy for some time . I have a skywatcher Diameter: 130mm -Focal Length: 650mm -F/ratio: f/5 . It comes with 2 eye pieces a 25mm wide angle and a 10mm . I have read about the Barlow lens which I gather attaches to the eye piece . What eye pieces or Barlow lenses should I purchase if any
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New Telescope for Beginner


I am a beginner although do have some experience with astronomy from using a department store refractor back in my school days. I would like to get back into astronomy but I'm on a tight budget (about €100) to begin with. I am trying to choose between these two telescopes:

Skywatcher Heritage 100p
Skywatcher Evostar 90/900 EQ2

I was originally looking to buy the Heritage 100p, but then I met someone in the area ...
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SUN 7/4/15

Hi All. Not to bad a day seeing reassemble.

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7 year old needs first timer help!

Hello all! Sorry if this has already been posted.
I recently bought a telescope for my 7yr old son, however, we are total newbies and have no clue how to set up to view specific things. For example, I get emails regarding when the iss can be seen, with info on where and when to look. How do I set the telescope up correctly with the Information given?
Sorry if this is a totally silly ...
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Sky-Watcher Heritage 90 Virtuoso and a DSLR?

Hi there,

I'm just getting into astronomy and my 5 year old son is really keen on stars and space, so I am looking for a telescope we can both enjoy (albeit with my supervision!). I am also a keen photographer and am looking to get into astrophotography beyond pictures of the Moon using my tripod.

I was looking at buying a Star-Watcher Explorer 130M or Celestron Astromaster 130 EQ MD but I was taken ...
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naked eye

Sunday 5th April,9pm. Can anyone tell me if I'm seeing Jupiter or Venus, I'm looking at Orion and to the right, not got a telescope yet, using. My eyes , not been back to work long,
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Not much spots, very hazy and cloudy.

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Used Telescopes Wanted Used Telescopes Wanted

I am looking for used second hand telescopes, condition not important but mirror must be good, 6" 8" and 10 inch telecsopes always wanted. i am especially looking for Meade, Skywatcher, Celestron telescopes or anything weird and wonderful thanks Steve
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