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suitable laptop for astrophotography

Hi all, my current laptop is on its way out and I am looking to purchase a new one. My budget isn't great, as far as laptops go (£350), but I was wondering if there are any specific specifications I should be looking for. I have been looking at a couple of Lenovo's on Amazon which has a vast price range. Any hints/tips on what I should be looking for to steer me in the ...
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Wakefield and District Astronomy Society -Thurs 3rd November Wakefield and District Astronomy Society -Thurs 3rd November

hursday, 3rd November at 7:30pm at Horbury Academy
James Lees - Space: It Gets Weird
Space is really big so it's no wonder that it has more than just a few oddities. In this talk we'll explore the strangest things we've found out there including Exoplanets, Hypernova and Blackhole. And after we've looked at them we'll get onto the really weird stuff!

Everyone welcome, Just £3 for visitors and free to society members.

Best Telescope for stars/moon in desert

We a booked one of the Morocco desert tours to take pictures and enjoy the moon and starts, any advice for a good Telescope?
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Astroimaging software FREE!!

Hello again,
I have tried to download a recommended version of Photoshop cs2 which should have been free but i have only been allowed a 7 day trial which others in the imaging world have been using free for some years.
Can anyone advice on what I may be doing wrong, anything else they can suggest in the way of free photograph packages or an other ways ahead. I have a PC which now runs ...
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Settings on DSLR for simple photography

I have made a very simple start in the attempt to capture a little of the night sky by putting my DSLR camera on a tripod and using changes to the ISO settings and exposure times to take images of The Milky Way, for example. I have tried a number of different things.

I am not sure at all as to which settings I should use on the camera. For example, there are P Tv ...
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Andromeda and star trails

A simple 30sec exposure of the central part of the Andromeda Galaxy reveals some of the dark dust lanes.

Then pointing the Canon with a fixed 50mm lens at the Pole Star, I took 30x10sec exposures, 2 minutes apart. Adding all the exposures together gives the star trails showing the apparant rotation of the sky over a period of an hour. Those stars at the edge move the farthest and the individul dots can ...
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Places for stargazing

Living in London has its perks but also the downside when I try to use my telescope with too much orange glow around. I live close to Greenwich Park and was wondering if there are good high locations with minimal light pollution nearby? I do not own a car so will have to hitch a ride with a friend or use a rental so would love to know a few good spots around if anyone ...
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Hello guys.. I am new to this forum and thought I'd introduce myself.. I am Bala and I was gifted a telescope last week by my wife and have always been interested in astronomy and astrophysics but never somehow got myself a scope.. I have begun this journey with a SkyWatcher Heritage 130p and have not had much luck with clear skies..
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New to Astronomy with Heritage 130p

Hi.. I am new to Astronomy although been very interested for a very long time.. Got my first telescope a SkyWatcher 130p Hertiage last week and have had very little success with just 2 clear sky nights.. I used the Night Sky 2 app on my phone to find the position of mars last night which I could also see as a speck of orange glow in the sky with naked eyes.. I tried the ...
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It was a quieter month than August but I still managed to see and photograph a few things.

Summary: ... ctive.html

Full Report: ... gmt-i.html

Video: ... lH&index=2
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