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The Sun so far this year

I have made my photos this year into a video: ...
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What did I see?

Hi, I'm new here, so I apologise in advance if I'm doing this all wrong- bit of a new-comer to all this computer thingy! I was outside tonight at around midnight( 25/02/15) when I happened to look up to see how many stars were out, when all of a sudden I saw a streak of light going in westerly direction ( I am in Chard in Somerset ). It was green in colour. Did anyone ...
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Solar Funnel - March 2015

In the article on solar viewing it says download bonuscontent. On the download page it asks for an activation code to allow download. Where can I find this code in the March issue. Thanks.
Fred Higginbottom
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Changing username help needed

How do I change my username? I've somehow ended up being called "Matthew.So itch". Just for the record I don't have a contagious skin disease! It may be that iOS "helpfully" autocorrected to this and I didn't immediately notice but frankly I'd rather be called something else.
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Telescopic Legs on HEQ5 Tripod Will Not Move

Hi Guys

After selling my 10" Reflector OTA i now use a de-forked Meade LX10 OTA.
Tried to extend the telescopic legs on my HEQ5 tripod to give more height to the mount but all 3 legs do not want to move.
They have probably been in their original position for 10 years,

Any suggestions on the best method of freeing them?


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Just managed 57 out of 300, cloud, rain, hail and wind, seeing not to bad.

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Skywatcher 200P Focus Problem

Hi there

I have a Skywatcher 200P and it is driving me crazy. I bought a laser and collimated it. Everything it nicely in line. All I can see when I look at the moon is a big white fuzzy blur. I left the scope out for two and a quarter hours in my metal shed (nice and cold) and still nothing. It just won't focus on anything.

New to this and getting a little ...
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Hi all,
I'm John Scales and I'm from Banbury in Oxfordshire. Only about 20 minutes from Rollright Stones, our local Dark Sky spot. I received a Celestron Astromaster 130 EQ MD telescope for Christmas from my wife (my first since I was 14!). Had it only a month and the latitude adjustment screw would not take any weight! Sent it back and have received a new one. Can I ask all you old hands what ...
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