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Sky-Watcher Telescope Advice


I am thinking of upgrading my current basic scope to something new and I'm a bit confused...

The scopes which interest me are the Startravel 120mm or the Evostar 120mm. Both are in my price range of £250 - £350.

I want a good all round scope which will also enable me to do some amateur photography (mostly through a smart phone).

What are peoples thoughts? I am not very knowledgeable about the differences ...
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Meteor November 12th ... ed-public/

I took multiple exposures with my DSLR at 18mm focal length, ISO6400 and 5 seconds exposure.
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Yes it's really me...

Hi there one and all. I'm Alan and a 60yo from NE Scotland.

Have had a great interest in astronomy, manned space flight, extra terrestrial exploration etc etc etc for all of my life.

My wife got me a Celestron 130 for Christmas last year and I've been that keen guy standing out in the garden in the freezing cold in the middle of the country with a wee dram to help keep me warm ...
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Star Adventurer Mini - issues

Anyone got a Star Adventurer Mini mount? I'm having trouble with the mount's "console" app on my android phone in that it quite regularly refuses to "connect" with the mount despite the phone being connected to the mount's WiFi. I can't decide if it's due to my phone being Android v7.1.2 or another app messing it up. Seems to work fine on my older android v5.1 phone.

Suggestions or success stories about this mount would ...
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October Summary and Links

#PhilipPugh My October #astronomy summary with links to the full report and photo video is here: ... ctive.html
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How far is a Light year?

All are know that light year is the unit of distance. It is often used when expressing distances to stars. It is the total distance that a beam of light travels in one year.
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How to write an essay on the topic sky at night?

Writing essay is a easy task if you are well in the topic. Essays are depending on your knowledge in a particular topic. But here no need to worry. The essay writing services will provide quality essays whatever your topic is.
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M45 Pleiades

Hi all had an experiment with my 60mm Guider scope on the 27th October and this is the result.I hope you enjoy and I used my mono camera.
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Is there any possible to have sustainable life on Mercury?

There is no atmosphere in Mercury. Hence the surface of Mercury is subjected to extremes of heat and cold. Is there any possibility to have sustainable life on Mercury?
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What the LT prefix signifies on some Celestron telescopes

I'm wondering what the difference is between a Celestron LT 76AZ and a Celestron 76EQ other than the different mounts? I've noticed that Celestron telescopes with an LT prefix seem to command a slightly higher selling price. The Celestron web site isn't any help.

Mike Wakefield


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