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I haven't written the summary yet and I'm not 100% sure where I will post it (website closing). Here's the finished report now I've done the processing and blogging:
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Greenwich Royal Observatory Podcast

Does anyone here listen to the Greenwich Royal Observatory podcast? ... tober-2018

It has some interesting stuff this month. Dhara (not Ó Briain) giving us an update on the habitability of Proxima Centauri b and Greg (not Smye-Rumsby) tells us about the brand new planet-hunter TESS which has already found its first planet! Then, most importantly, a thing about the Vulcan home world!
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Best power pack for EQ6 mount please

Can any one please give me advice on which is the best power pack and leads to for the EQ6 mount, as, the one listed bt Rother Valley Optics is by definition due to being a trade name, a lot more money, so any alternatives that will be suitable and reliable overall please...........

Many grateful thanks and best regards to all.............Tom.......aka....McKinnell :) ...
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End of an Era

After 14 years of operation, my website is coming to an end. It has gone through several iterations and been through several hosting providers. As my hosting provider will start charging, I have decided not to migrate it elsewhere.

In any case, my blog (which many of you read) receives a lot more views and I've started getting more views of my photo album. I will be making some of my free reading available, possibly ...
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i have a question about Astronomy

Hi all,
What I know about Astronomy is the same as my beloved Spurs know about holding on to two goal leads, but this month's article on the possibility of running water on Mars was as exciting as it gets.
If it were true then even as a novice a million and one thoughts spring to mind or was it the result of a slight shift of rock that allowed a lighter substance to appear? ...
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Early Draconid

Just been out to have a look at what I could have had a look at if my new telescope had come today. (It's coming tomorrow now!) And saw a meteor heading West to East below Vega from the head of Draco the dragon. If it was a Draconid meteor it was a bit early!
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September S@N Magazine Podcast

I listened to the September S@N Magazine Podcast today. One of the items was an interview with Guy Consolmagno, director of the Vatican Observatory. The man is so much more interesting than my preconceived ideas of what a Catholic Jesuit Brother might be like. Well worth a listen!
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GOTO 10" Dobsonian Upgrade Kit for Skywatcher

Hi everyone,
I'm looking to upgrade my 'new" second hand 10 inch dobso with a goto system kind two axes but I cannot find anything online, any advise where to find something?
MANY thanks
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Finished my Moon shoot

Full disc with my DSLR, close-ups with my Bresser Electronic Eyepiece: ... ed-public/
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Celestron CGX

My new Nexstar Evolution wireless function didn't function too well so I sent it back. Rother Valley Optics have kindly let me take the opportunity to swap to a more traditional mount so I'm going to replace my original choice with a Celestron CGX 9.25.

Anyone on here with experience of the CGX mount?

I best go and edit my signature!
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