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Dear all,

I am pretty new to astronomy and I am having some difficulties using my Altair GPCAM AR0130C COLOUR.

My setup is:
Sky-Watcher Skymax-127 AZ SynScan GO-TO Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope.

I have a Telrad finder which I know to be perfectly aligned as when I use it with my 10mm lense and 2x Barlow whatever I put in the finder is centre vision. However, if I then replace the lense with my GPCAM (say for ...
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Broken focus on Coronado PST

Whilst observing the Mercury transit on Monday, one of our PSTs fell over in the wind and the focus has broken.
Does anyone have any experience with repairing this, can we do it ourselves or do we need to go to a professional? Otherwise, will we just need to replace it?
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UK Light Pollution Petition

In case people were not aware, there is a petition running on the government petitions web site about light pollution. <https://petition dot parliament dot uk/petitions/119428> (Sorry but the site wont allow me to post a link and not great help without the link. So assuming the post is acceptable, could a mod edit to put the link in properly - or if not acceptable posting, delete the thread)

It's the government web site so signing ...
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My effort for the day

HI everyone this is one of my images of the Mercury transit today.Hope you enjoy.
Andy :D
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Mercury Transit - 9th May 2016

Fortunately the good weather forecasted has materialised - for once. :D
I'll put up some photos here during the day. If anyone else wants to put up their comments or photos here please feel free to do so.

A bit of a cheat to begin with. This is a photo of the sun showing the position of Mercury at 0936 UT this morning - I put ...
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Telescope Storage High Temperature Question


I have a reflector telescope which I am storing it in a closed room in the desert in Dubai where the temperature can go up 52 Celsius in summer.
Is that OK to store it the room or it will be damaged or something.
Please provide any solutions if you have.

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Aurora tonight - worth it?

Some major geomagnetic activity going on at mo' - good chance of auroral displays for tonight and tomorrow-night. For years I've wanted to see an aurora (it's near the top of my bucket list) but I've always been foiled by something. To make matters worse, I'm living in Warrington (long story) and thus reaching dark skies has proven hard work!

Thanks to the closure of the WCML, I cannot reach Penrith by train tonight, so ...
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Hi everyone,

I have just purchased the Strathspey 20 x 100 Binoculars which, I read about on this forum. I need some advice on Tripods, one that was recommended was Camlink TPPRO28C. I need a tripod that I can tilt towards the heavens. I use to own a GoTo telescope, unfortunately it was far too cumbersome taking it up on the terrace, hence the binoculars.

May I say how very interesting this forum is, I ...
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bonus content

Hi all, new to the magazine. Following the instructions for bonus content doesn't seem to allow me access or a functioning hyper link. Any tips? Thanks in advance.
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Help with Solar Tracking on a Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer

I would have really liked to include links in this post, but unfortunately, when I tried to the website just kept saying that the post looked too 'spammy' for a new user, which is deeply frustrating, but here goes anyhow...

I'm a photographer who has recently invested in a Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer kit. The reason I've brought this is primarily to capture the forthcoming transit of Mercury across the face of the Sun. I've also ...
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