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The entire works

Right , a whole list of questions.

To be able to start in astrophotography , both planetary and deep sky what will I need , budget is around £1300.

Allready have a couple of Nikon DSLR`s D80 and D90

Telescope ( well thats a good start :lol: ) , preferably with go-to
Mount/tripod ( so I can track objects with camera attached)
Attachment from nikon camera to ...
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an old newbe

Hi everyone.
Just joined the forums , a tad on the senior side , but very keen.
I come from a village Near Petersfield , and have had an interest in astronomy for years, loads of question to ask.


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Which goto telescope...? Which goto telescope...?

So! I'm in the process of buying my 2nd telescope. I've chosen to go for a goto telescope as it suits my needs better. I have maybe a little more than a basic understanding of the night sky and telescopes.

I'm looking to spend around £500 at the most. I'm undecided on reflector and refractor, though I'm leaning towards the reflector, or a Schmidt if I can find one with a good aperture for the ...
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July Report and Video

July was a quiet month, with lots of cloud and some rather blank solar discs without sunspots. I managed a few moon shots and captured Saturn's rings on camera: ... -2015.html

The video of the photos ...
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Blue Moon

Hi Gang,

Whilst it would seem to be just another, albeit very nice, picture of a full moon. This one is a Blue Moon (second full moon in the same calender month) over the Capitol Building in Washington DC. Take a look at the image here and take the time to look at the false colour image of Pluto beneath it-amazing!!

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ABELL 2056

Hi All. Just a bit of info, ( Abell 2065 is a highly
concentrated galaxy cluster in the constellation of
Corona Borealis containing over 400 member galaxies,
the brightest of which are 16th magnitude. The cluster
is more than one billion light-years from Earth) .

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SUN 30/7/2015

Hi All. Just managed a bit of clear sky.

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Nearly there!!

Hi Gang,

With t6he completion of the testing on the mirror segments for the James Webb Telescope it would seem that the telescope is getting ever closer to launch date. To read the story and see the images go here I don't know whether I am glad to see this telescope launched. I have always been a faithful admirer and follower of all things Hubble. It will be a shame the day they retire ...
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Puzzle Solved!

Hi Gang,
Astronomers in Chile have found the missing piece to an astronomical puzzle. It has long been wondered where the Lithium in new stars had come from as there seemed to be more of the element than would have been expected. The answer? I'm not telling!! To read the science and see the images go to this page here

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Universe too big or too young?

Hi, would be interested to know what explanations astrologers have for the following anomaly- If our universe is estimated to be around 13.8 billion years old (time from big bang to present day), and the size of the observable universe is estimated at 92 billion light years (so its 46 billion light years from the center to the edge) ... and if both those things are true then the average speed of the matter now ...
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