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which one of the two or is there better again ?

HI everyone

I am getting my partner a means of stargazing for his christmas and have been hoovering up all sorts of information to help me decide. Then I came across this site :)

Hes a newbie to stargazing so its complete beginner media I need ( he wears glasses)

I have a budget of £150 , and have read up on telescope v binoculars and not ...
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At 23:05 on Sunday, 27th July, 2014; I observed a UFO.
The sighting was made from the village of Keinton Mandeville, 6 miles south of Glastonbury.
The entity was of a bright green/white appearance. Much larger than any other shooting star that I have witnessed before.
It had a large head & long tail.
It appeared in the NE sky, elevation 45 degrees.
It dissipated in the NE sky, elevation 10 degree.
Duration of sighting, ...
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I'm building an Observatory. You can see what I've done so far by looking on my website. Only problem is I'm not allowed to post the link.

If you can offer advice PM me and I'll return the link

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Hello all

My name is Norman Verona.

We live in France, on the border of the Loire Valley and Brittany. WE have a small farm with 2 gites.

We've recently bought a Celestron CPC 800 and are waiting for a clear night to set it up and try it. As usual we had some fabulous clear skies before the kit arrived and 100% cloud cover since.

I'll be asking lots of questions about what to do next. ...
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Hi Folks

Apologies, this has probably been asked a 1000 times. I am new to astronomy and am looking for some experienced advice on which camera and telescope to buy. I would like to be able in time to take photo's of planets, deep space and galaxies. I live rurally at least 10 minutes from any city so have no street lights, light pollution and a quiet back garden, so hopefully ideal. Firstly I need ...
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Hello Everyone

Hi folks

I am Derek, from Dundee, Scotland. New to all of this and influenced by the stargazing live programs broadcast in January. As a beginner I hope to be able to come here for help and advice, the first of which I am about to post regarding equipment. Just wanted to say Hi first and thanks for having me.
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July Report and Video

OK, it's mostly solar but I did get some widefield and constellations in, too.

Here's the report and photos: ... chive.html

Here's the video, with a few Rod Stewart songs: ...
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Whatever happened to the Spaced Out project?

I'm looking at organising a trip with some friends to all of the places that the Spaced Out project was going to install objects in to represent a 1: 15 000 000 scale of the Solar System. Does anyone know if the project was completed? I found the website which hasn't been updated in seven years and emails using the web form or directly to the address they ...
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Hyperbolic Orbits Hyperbolic Orbits

Does Jupiter give comets in elliptical orbits enough energy to put them into hyperbolic orbits where they will loop around the sun and then be thrown out the solar system... or have I misunderstood :L
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Why do some stars twinkle?

Hello everyone, my first post..

Ok, when I say twinkle, I mean, when looking at a couple of stars even without a telescope, they seem to changing colour or sparkling or something.When I was setting up my scope last night, I noticed a star in the south doing this.. Later on, I noticed Capella too was doing the same, when I focused on it, sure enough it looked to be revolving in colour, mainly yellow ...
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