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Reflector Telescope Issues When Viewing Objects

I tried to view Venus tonight on my Meade 114EQ-ASTR, but when I try to focus on the planet, all I see is the 3 beams holding the side smaller side reflector mirror. I can even see my fingers if I put them in front of the telescope. I only have 1 MA25mm eyepiece but I have a MA9mm eyepiece from an much older Meade telescope that doesn't fit but works only if I hold ...
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Loosing the this of Sir Patrick


I am concerned that TSAN is loosing its roots and becoming overly engulfed as the playground for promoting equipment and cameras. If you want to become a photographers magazine then change the mag name and allow the rest of us to move onto what SPM meant the programme to be i.e accessible for anyone interested in the night sky.

The idea that some person on a normal wage can finance camera equipment kicking in ...
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Nothing since 19th but an interesting month at times: ... -2018.html

As I did not take many photos in November, I produced a combined November/December video with "Black Eyed Boy" by Texas: ... SHl3LAi1xg

My annual summary will be available for a nominal fee on Kindle and include a summary of the tools and techniques I have used.

My new Twitter ...
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First time astronomy binoculars

Hi folks, I’ve got some Celestron 20 x 80 binoculars for Christmas (cloudy skies since Christmas!) I’m trying to focus them but can’t seem to manage to get a whole view rather than a black line between the two sides. Any advice would be very much appreciated :D thank you in advance
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What do you record? What do you record?

Hello :-)

I've not long moved to an area with a darkish sky. Very exciting! I read about people recording what they see. When I lived in Greater London this would have been very easy - as you couldn't see much!!

But how do you decide what to record when you can see a ridiculous number of constellations? Do you write down everything, every night? The brightest ...
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Where to get second hand lenses

Good evening!

I recently moved to Fleet in Hampshire, and for the first time as an adult have access to a reasonably dark sky, quite a treat after nearly fifteen years in Greater London! I watched my first meteor shower this winter - AMAZING!

I've been star gazing through a pair of binoculars for a month or so and really enjoyed, and I am excited to have been lent a telescope my brother had in ...
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It looked like a clear sky this evening so I set up in the back garden. By the time I got assembled, plugged in, slewed to Vega to align and focused on it, the dew on the corrector plate brought an end to the proceedings!

So will a passive dew shield do the job or do I need a heated one? If heated, do I need a controller or will it work without one?
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Every Astronomy Purchase

I like Dylan O'Donnell videos, he has a Celestron CGX and he also has a sense of humour:
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Going Back to 1971

On Christmas Day 1971 I received my first telescope - a Tasco 4TVE refractor. Image
This is a 40mm or 1 1/2 inch refractor. Typically it was cloudy on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and the day after, but on 28th December, the sky cleared allowing me to view the moon at around 4pm. I filled out a log of all my observing over the next 5 years with that telescope. I have since typed up ...
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Just got a telescope for Xmas!!

Help!!! I just got an Orion SpaceProbe 2 76mm. It took me 2 hours to align the scope and it was perfectly aligned. I finally found the “star” which I believe to be a satellite in my eyepiece and it was just a clarified version of the naked eye??? I set up everything for this scope exactly to directions??? It was a kit and came with a 25mm, a 10mm and then the Barstow lens, ...
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