Mars - 14 Apr

Mars - 14 Apr

Postby brianb » Thu Apr 15, 2010 9:03 pm

Mars is now 10 weeks past opposition and is getting rather small. It's still worth observing when the seeing is reasonably steady though!

Celestron CPC1100, 2x Powermate, Astronomik type 2c colour seperation & Planet Pro 742 filters, Imaging Source DMK21 camera.

Transparency variable, with thin high cloud. Seeing good. Temperature +4C, wind N force 1-3 gusting 4.

Mare Acidalium is well presented. Blue haze is visible near the morning terminator (to the left of the image). The north polar cap (top) has shrunk to a point.

Sorry but the infra red image isn't as good as it should be - I think I may need to clean the filter.

Seeing was good enough to allow me to use my 9mm Baader Genuine Orthoscopic eyepiece - giving x311 - this is a rare event, and was unexpected in view of the apparently rather poor sky conditions. Detail was almost leaping out of the eyepiece, giveing an appearance rather similar to the "green" image above, though obviously orange/red in hue. I don't expect to see Mars this well again until late autumn 2011 / winter 2012 when the next apparition starts.

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