May Cover Disc - Skylab Photo

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May Cover Disc - Skylab Photo

Postby clipperride » Wed May 08, 2013 8:24 pm

I just noticed - the picture of Skylab on the cover disk, which celebrates the launch and repair mission, is actually one of the last pictures taken at the end of the third mission. It's always annoying to see the wrong picture illustrating a space mission.

How can you tell which mission the photo is from? First of all, the shape of the sunshade, as both the first and second crews deployed a shade to help control the high temperature. The pic can't have been from the second mission as the new shade was still white when they left. Finally, the picture must have been taken at the end of the final mission as you can see a small patch of white near the solar panel. This was due to a fold in the shade which stopped that area discolouring. The crew noticed that this area unfolded as they left, disturbed by the control rockets on the Command module.
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