Meade lx200,lx90,lx10 focus wheels

Meade lx200,lx90,lx10 focus wheels

Postby tobyone » Fri Mar 02, 2007 8:13 pm

Hi all
If any of you have a Meade lx200,lx90,lx10 sct then you know it can be really awkward trying to focus your scope using the standard small focus knob especially if you dont want to take your gloves of in the winter without freezing those pinkies.Its a god send it really is.[;)]
I have some aluminum focus wheels that fit nicely onto your existing focus knob that make you able to focus your scope to pin point precision.
The wheel is aprox 60mm knurled diameter and 20mm thick.
I have just a few of these at £17.00 each and that includes postage.
If anybodys interested then just let me know.

Many thanks
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