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Monday 12th september st john'sambulance hall north harrow

Tue Sep 06, 2011 11:23 pm

We are have a talk by Graham Bryant, of Hampshire Astronomy Group.

Entitled - Lunar Impacts.
Look at the Moon, and you will see plenty of evidence that it has been hit by large numbers of objects in the past.
In fact, impact craters are its dominant landform. All this activity took place millions if not billions of years ago - or did it?
There are increasing numbers of observations of actual lunar impacts taking place today, and webcam photography means that potentially anyone could record such an event. So is the Moon’s surface really unchanging? Could these impacts create a new feature for us to observe?
Graham Bryant, of Hampshire Astronomy Group, is particularly interested in these events, and will be coming along to our September meeting to tell us about them.
The meeting is on Monday 12 September at the St John’s Ambulance Hall, North Harrow, starting at 8 pm.
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