Morning folks

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Morning folks

Postby Russell.Jones.139458 » Tue Feb 10, 2015 9:56 am

Having picked up a very basic/cheap reflector telescope at a local charity shop near work for £20, I've suddenly made a stark realisation that this is something I could really get into. My ignorance on the subject has meant I only recently discovered I could combine by photography interests with astronomy. :oops:

Anyway,I'll start a new thread on my findings and what I think I am after, so I can gather some useful information from the knowledgeable guys and girls on here.

A bit about myself. I'm 38, live in Surrey and have an 8 year old daughter who stays with us every other weekend (and who is very excited about the cheap wobbly scope!). I am the co-founder of a BMW owners club that has been running for about 16 years now, own a slightly modified 335i coupe and a Kawasaki Z1000 bike, and my wife has an X5. I work as a project manager for an electrical contractors and do car detailing in my spare time. Also a member of a local squash club and enjoy cycling - mountain biking over road cycling to be honest.

LOL! Just realised it sounds like I'm writing an ad for a dating site.... :lol: I'll shut up now!

Anyway, that's me.

I look forward to chatting to people.

p.s. - is there any way I can change my username? I didn't get a choice of username when registering, it just created it automatically....and it looks daft and isn't exactly a memorable number!
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Re: Morning folks

Postby dave.b » Tue Feb 10, 2015 11:36 pm

Welcome to the forum!

You can't directly edit your user name, but you can ask the forum's administrator to change it for you. Their contact details are hiding some where in one of the permanent posting. Or try phoning up the magazine.

Dave B.
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