Music and Astrology

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Music and Astrology

Postby dixita » Mon Apr 17, 2017 11:37 am

Music and Astrology :

Astrological considerations- indications necessary for a musician

The speech (voice) is governed by the second house (from Lagna) in a horoscope.

Mercury is considered the planet (Karaka)
which has control over speech ( Voice).

So, if the second house,
The lord ( ruler) of the second house,
And the karaka-Mercury
Are strong,

We can say that the native viz., the owner of the horoscope is sure to have a sweet voice which itself can be called half Music!

If these are weak and afflicted, he will be having a coarse voice and missing the musical touch.
Venus is also considered as the planet of artistic pursuits including music. Moon is stated to stand for mind and human emotions.

The interest in artistic pursuits is provided by Venus on Mercury and Moon.

If these planets-Mercury Moon and Venus join together it would be better.
For a successful vocalist the blessings of Venus are a pre-requisite.
Mars is a planet which provides courage and fearlessness on stage.

Mars is also the karaka of the third house which among other things provides clue to the musical knowledge of the individual. As such he is also one of the planet along with the above three planets to be watched for vocalist.

The tenth house represents the career and its ruler and the karaka of the tenth house Viz., Sun and Saturn will determine whether the artist would pursue his talents in music as a profession.

For success in any field Sun plays an important role
As also the fifth and ninth houses for invoking divine blessings.
There has to be relationship between the above planets and houses for a successful career in music..
If one is able to study the position of planets in their horoscope,
And also their relationship vis a vis they occupy, he can possibly determine the career relating to music…
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Re: Music and Astrology

Postby nzn » Wed May 03, 2017 8:02 am

Thank you.
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