NEW + Just Bought Telescope

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NEW + Just Bought Telescope

Postby jtm2003 » Sat Mar 27, 2010 2:36 am

A shiny new, and black, Skywatcher 150p,
EQ32, barlow x 2, 10mm and 25mm.

Set it up, scope aligned etc, + balanced no problems,
understand latitude and polar alignment.

Was just "out of the box" wrongly aligned I know, but I just pointed it at the moon in between cloud breaks, last night, and wow, on 10x.
I was Gobsmacked.
Was also struck by just how fast the moon was moving across the eyepiece.

Pics of the moon, planets and then, DSO, horsehead etc, pics will be my ultimate goal.

My Brother had the following in Swindon :
a) what scope did you have in Swindon and what camera take them with ??
I've had two different scopes:
1) An 8" Mead LX90

2) A 4.5inch Skywatcher Refractor

The cameral was a 6 megapixel digital SLR (Canon digital rebel its called over here), with a direct SLR attachment to the telescope.


I saw some pics he took, brilliant.
Guess my 6" not as good at Mead 8" ?? lightwise??.

Will have a few unexpected funds shortly.
Figure polar scope first (tho not needed for general viewing).
But also motor drives, both axis ?.

Been quoted £35 for polar scope,
Single axis drive £79.99.
Dual axis drive £99.99.
they say "Single axis is fine for photography etc.".

But for the extra £20 ??, why not get both ?.

Camera wise, no idea, though I do favour cannon.
I do have, or will have from my ex wife, a non digital cannon Eos.
I could use that ?. before going down webcam/digital ??


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