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New Location

Sun Nov 18, 2018 10:11 pm

We've just moved to a new location to the north of Kent to a village that I thought would have fairly low levels of light pollution compared to the middle of the Medway towns. We haven't unpacked yet but I've been out the last few nights to have a look and was quite disappointed with the levels of pollution! I've got a Haven holiday home park to the North, Grain power station to the East, the Medway towns to the South and worst of all a youth club with those bright white LEDs, on all night, to the West. The last few nights have been misty so it all looked a lot worse but last night was good seeing after the Moon had set and whilst I'm blinded to the West to about 30° elevation it's quite clear above this right round 360° from my back garden. And I got to see a Leonid too!

I should probably go and see the youth club management and ask if they could turn their lights off after midnight, maybe I could offer to set up some observing sessions for the kids to negotiate some dark nights!

Re: New Location

Mon Nov 19, 2018 12:23 am

I'm afraid that fear of theives is enough to get everyone installing floodlights - horizontal! Of course we know there is no evidence it deters thieves, but it makes people be feel safer. It will do no harm to ask.

There are good light pollution filters which can reduce some kinds of artificial lighting.

There are laws you can use, of course, but that is a lot of effort.

Re: New Location

Mon Nov 19, 2018 7:34 pm

I'll have to take the dog for a walk and get round there to see what I'm up against!
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