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New to 2014

Postby Saturn28 » Mon Jan 20, 2014 10:01 pm

Hi Guy's,

Just joined and looking for some awesome sky action this 2014 :P
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Re: New to 2014

Postby dave.b » Tue Jan 28, 2014 10:03 pm

Aren't we all! Welcome to the forum. I hope you'll have some good observations to share with us all.

Dave B.
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Hello everyone ...NEW HERE

Postby Nightingale » Sat Mar 08, 2014 11:08 am

Hello Everyone
I am new here and just got my a Star watcher 130P Supatrak 650mm ...initially I could see a thing which disappointed me so much , all I cd see was black through the eye piece and I didn't know what I was doing wrong . But then I started to face north , set latitude and checked during the day ...
Last Night was absolutely amazing . I saw The Jupiter with the 4 moons all aligned nicely in a neat straight line . WHAT A SIGHT !!! I was blown away . I even waited and saw the red planet Mars at about 11pm rising from the North East . I could even see the red ! I started off with the moon and then used the app on my Ipad - star Guide , which is just FAB . I also used the book I had bought called 'Philips Star Gazing 2014'.
Using moon as a starting point I could find Aldeberan, Betelgeuse and the other 3 in the Orion Nebula, . Then obviously Jupiter, then Castor and Pollux in the Gemini Constellation . It did take time to actually get it into the eye piece. It was pretty tricky , but I got to understand how the finder scope works. I took ages to get Mars into my frame !! i do not find the place where the finder scope goes very comfortable . I have to bend and tilt my body to one side quite a bit . May be I do have to get used to it .
But ....all said and done ...I am sooooo happy today !! Oh another question ...I saw Jupiter and Mars through my 25mm eye piece . I could not get any view through Barlow but a pretty decent view through the 10mm . Is there a way I could use Barlow with 25mm or can I use 10mm with the 25mm ...or sd they all be used independently ?
BTW friend wants to buy one and is looking at this scope to you rate it .
Does anyone use this ? advice.She also wants to know if this is any better than the one I have as mine is cheaper. This is £300 and mine was £220.

SKYMAX-127 SupaTrak Auto 127mm (5") f/1500 fully motorised Maksutov-Cassegrain auto-tracking telescope

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