NIkon D50 DSLR

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NIkon D50 DSLR

Postby jonathan turner » Fri Dec 01, 2006 9:26 pm

Hello all,
I recently purchased a Nikon D50,and agreed with the group test in the magazine.The camera is a gem to use in the day,and for astrophotography is good as well.One thing to remember,buy the ML-L3 remote at the same time.The camera will do exposures up to 30 seconds,but on the 'bulb' setting you need the remote.The camera was £397.99 at Jessops,and the remote £16.99 from Cameraworld.I have taken the best Moon images ever,the craters are pin sharp,using eyepiece projection with a 25mm lens.The camera will powerdowm if left on and doing nothing,but depress the shutter button half way powers it back up to its original mode setting.The only main drawback with DSLRs is you have to focus through the tiny viewer,rather than the back screen.I stuck small white labels on my telescope focuser,and experimented until i got sharp images.Then using a fine pensil,marked the label,and what lens i was using.But,you will be pleased with the camera,and i dont think there's much difference between the D50 and the Canon 350D.
It is an easy camera to use,the menu is clear,and all the buttons are in the right place.Changing the battery and SD card while attached to the scope was easy,and the camera is surprisingly light for it's size too.
Best camera i have ever bought.
Jonathan Turner
jonathan turner
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RE: NIkon D50 DSLR

Postby gord » Tue Dec 12, 2006 8:13 pm


If you find yourself without the remote you can actually use the bulb setting combined with self timer. It has a good delay and any slight shake from seting the shutter button is gone by the time shutter opens. Also (A Bit of shoestring astronomy/photography here) if you use a strong elastic band of the right size with a bead threaded on it and another band (to pull off again) you can make quite a delicate device to give exposures as long as you wish - just have to be gentle when ending the exposure so as not to induce any shake - not likely on a decent mount.

And yes I have tried it and it works! Quick field solution to a missing remote! not sure where the bead came from though!

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