Nikon D70S DSLR with lots of relevent Astro SOLD

Nikon D70S DSLR with lots of relevent Astro SOLD

Postby weymouthpete » Wed Oct 07, 2009 3:30 pm

Now SOLD. This camera and gear was purchased for Astro use, particularly the T2 adaptor, extra battery, extra memory and remote controls. It includes the standard kit: Nikon D70S with 32M card, 18-70 Nikkor zoom lens, battery charger, Nikon Capture software on cd , lens hood, all original leads… and the following extras: T2 adaptor to connect to telescope Nikon Infra red remote Infra red multi exposure unit (custom made)… includes an AVR microprocessor Tamron 80-210mm f3.8 Telemacro lens with Nikon Adaptor and case Nikon Series E 28mm wide angle lens 1 Gb memory card Spare battery UV filter to protect the Nikkor lens Camera bag The extra lenses are not autofocus which means they have to be used on the manual camera setting, but they work perfectly well manually. The Nikon Capture software enable you to control the camera from a laptop. The multi exposure unit is built into an old dvd remote control and uses an AVR microprocessor. It can be programmed, by a switch on the remote, to fire the shutter at regular intervals of multiples of 5 seconds or multiples of 1 minute. It works very well and took over a month to develop the software. All the equipment is in excellent condition and fully working order. The camera and Tamron lens look like new and the batteries are both Nikon (not a third party copy!).
£290. Tel 01305 832777 or email peteandsue(AT)

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