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Orion skyscanner

Postby Jamfen » Sun Jan 14, 2018 3:48 pm

I am new to this and looking for advice .
I have an Orion skyscanner 100mm , f4 , I would like to take pictures of the moon and other planets ... It came with 10 and 20 mm eyepiece .. they are not the best ..Any suggestions on which eyepiece go best with this scope , I'm also looking to buy barlows but have read conflicting reports on what ones are useful for my scope? Any info would be appreciated.
Cheers Jamie ;)
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Re: Orion skyscanner

Postby Gfamily2 » Sun Jan 14, 2018 4:57 pm

You shouldn't have a problem taking photos of the moon with your phone, though lining up the camera with the eyepiece may be a fiddle.
It's likely that your camera will try and adjust the exposure as you're aiming and focusing, which means you've got a moving target in many ways (so to speak)
What makes life easier is that you can buy a cradle for your phone that clamps onto the eyepiece. This makes things easier as it stabilises what you're looking at, allows your camera time to get good focus and exposure.

Photographing planets is likely to be more problematic though, because to get them big enough to make out details on the image, you'll need high magnification, and this means a dimmer image. I took a photo of the recent Jupiter/Mars conjunction using a 102mm telescope (with 3x the effective magnification) and neither planet's image is particularly impressive.

It can be a good idea to upgrade your eyepieces; you can get Plossl eyepieces at a reasonable cost, and which one to do first will depend on whether you enjoy looking at wide star fields using the 20mm EP, or smaller objects with the 10mm one. Do which ever one you appreciate the view from more.
If the 10mm EP, a barlow can be useful - your telescope has a focal ratio of f/4 (which means its focal length is 4x the aperture), and a useful rule of thumb is that you can usually use an eyepiece in mm down to the focal ratio. This means that a 2x barlow and a 9mm or 10mm should be usable (and in my experience, easier to use than an actual 5mm or 4mm eyepiece).

Celestron do a 2x Barlow with a t-thread adapter for about £25 - the t-thread will allow you to attach a dSLR in the future, though that's more likely to be with your next telescope perhaps. :)

If you have a local astronomy society, you could see if they do observing evenings. If you take your scope along you may be able to try other people's affordable eyepieces to see which ones you like the look of.
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Re: Orion skyscanner

Postby EIZO » Sun Jan 14, 2018 7:16 pm

I am going to be so controversial here

This is a real starter, childrens scope, great for the first steps into Astronomy, but that is about all.

In my opinion I would NOT throw any money at this scope.

A proper (sorry) scope will be £200 for a DOB, as for barlows, with this reflecting scope I would not as the aperture is small, you will end up with very dull images, and as with camera lenses (being a professional sports photographer) I never use extenders as they degrade the image, and unless you have good quality eyepieces it will really show.

At higher magnifications boy will you get the vibration from the mount which I assume is also on a table, or similar, most scopes need a proper solid, mount.

Use it, enjoy it but my advice is save for a better scope, and one that takes 2" eyepieces, and where a camera can be mounted on the scope via a T2 mount.
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Re: Orion skyscanner

Postby Jamfen » Sun Jan 14, 2018 9:15 pm

Thanks for the advice . I actually got it as a present and I'm trying to get the best use out of it . I saw on YouTube results some were getting out of this telescope noone said if they were using x3 barlows etc and i asked but none replied as of yet ..
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