Patches, badges and magazines for sale

Patches, badges and magazines for sale

Postby that_hippy » Sun Mar 09, 2008 5:23 pm

I found some things lying around which i had for ages and I have just put the following things on to Ebay..

2 x lots of 15 Nasa patches

And a NASA commander badge

I figued make as well try and flog these and try to put the money towards jump tickets,

[url=][color=#810081][u] ... 0223991564[/u][/color][/url]

[url=][color=#0000ff][u] ... 0223991095[/u][/color][/url]

[u][color=#810081] ... 0223985026[/color][/u]

I also have a ton of back issues in used condition back to the 2nd issue, and somewhere i also have the cd's to go with them,

Also i have a varried selection of patches that aren't on Ebay,

If you are interested on any of the above then please email me on matthew_mackay (at) obviously insert @ (but done to stop phishers)

Cheers guys [image][/image]

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