Perseid Meteors

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Perseid Meteors

Postby Aratus » Tue Aug 02, 2016 1:10 pm

On 31st July I went outside at around 11:30pm local time. While looking up I saw a Perseid meteor. It reminded me that the number of these will increase until the best time which occurs on the evening of Friday 12th August and the early morning of the Saturday 13th. (However see the edit below) Perseids can be identified because they appear to originate from the constellation of Perseus. (In fact they are left over bits of comet Swift-Tuttle.) At its peak it may be possible to see 1 every minute or so, or even more frequently. The moon will brighten the sky that evening which is not the best conditions to observe meteors, but it will set around 1:30am. The morning sky is the best time to see them anyway. The 13th is a Saturday, which might make it easier to stay up!

Meteors are somtimes call 'shooting-stars'. It is possible to photograph them, but it is an exercise of pure luck (or lack of it). Last year I took over 240 photographs and failed to catch any. :(

EDIT. Since the peak is actually on Friday afternoon, There will be just as good a chance the night before - Thursday evening/Friday morning. I notice some people predicting that Friday morning will be better, and they may be right. Try both!
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