Planet & Asteroid night here.

Planet & Asteroid night here.

Postby David Webb » Sun Apr 29, 2012 11:11 pm

I have had one of the best nights with my Telescope since I bought in 12 weeks ago, here is my nights report, all times please note are UK Summer time.
Tonight the 29 th April, it was a very clear night to use my telescope, the Celestron 114, I viewed the following things till 22.50pm UK time.
Thisbe Asteroid 22.10 pm on 29th April very clear indeed.
I also viewed Psyche Asteroid, this was very close to Mars in my scope at 22.35pm. within a few min of me viewing the

Thisbe asteroid which I viewed for some ninutes.
The highlight of night was to view Mars, it looked great, small to view but red in colour.

I also had a good view of the Half Moon to with a number of my lenses, it was very clear.
David in Suffolk UK
David Webb
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