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Skywatcher Skyhawk 1145P..

Postby jackatron » Thu Feb 25, 2010 11:26 pm

Could Anybody Help Me Decide Which New eyepeice To Get For My SKYWATCHER SKY-HAWK 1145PM....

Ive Been Using It For About a Month Now And I Would Like To Buy a New Eye Peice To Give a Little Bit More Magnifcation To See Saturn In More Detail Than I Already Can....

I Have a 10mm, 25mm And A 2x Barlow At The Moment... And The Maximum Magnification With My 10mm + 2x Barlow = 100x (I Belive)

Apparently The Maximum Useful Mag Is 220x And I Would Like to Try And Get As Close Toi That As I Could, Im A TOTAL NEWBIE To Using Telescopes Soo Some Help From Someone A Bit More Knowlageable Would Be Greatly Appriciated! [:D]

These Are The Stats Of The Telescope [:D]

114mm f/500 Motorised Parabolic Newtonian Reflector
Magnification (with supplied optics):
x20, x40, x80 & x100
Highest practical power (potential): x228
Diameter of primary mirror: 114mm
Telescope focal length: 500mm
Eyepieces supplied: 10mm & 25mm
X2 Barlow lens
RA motor drive (DC)
Parabolic primary mirror
0.5mm ultra-thin secondary mirror supports
Red dot finder
EQ1 equatorial mount
Aluminium tripod with accessory tray
125% more light gathering than 76mm

Thanks :D
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RE: Skywatcher Skyhawk 1145P..

Postby andrewmott » Thu Mar 04, 2010 9:50 pm

well, you say your scopes potential magnification is around 220x. Your scopes focal length is 500m. to work out the magnification of a given eyepiece, simply divide the focal legth of the telescope by that of the eyepeice. for example, your 10mm gives a magnification of around 50x. The potential of 220x means that a eyepiece with focal length 2mm is pushing it unless there are superb seeing conditions. Your 2x barlow with the 10mm gives the magnification of a 5mm eyepiece, so that is pretty high anyway. I would reccomend a good quality 7mm or 4mm eyepiece. Also, try and get the best design you can afford. I assume the scope came with kellner eyepieces. Try a plossl - the improvement is certainly noticable.
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