The Astronomy Show Birmingham

RE: The Astronomy Show Birmingham

Postby calbill » Sat Apr 23, 2011 2:03 pm

Hi there
We turned up today and the event had been cancelled with no notification or compensation, anyone know who the organisers are or where are why this was cancelled? I have informed the police as a potential fraud and want to try to reclaim my train tickets etc. Not to mention the 6 hour journey time. Can anyone help??
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RE: The Astronomy Show Birmingham

Postby ronin » Sun Apr 24, 2011 10:03 am

Calbill, the show was lost sometime last year.
The organisers were Astrosource, based at Durham I think, and the internet/ebay arm of their shop, forget it's name.

Few of us booked and received no "tickets", they were emailed out supposidly but in cases never arrived. See previous posts.

Seems that Astrosource had taken a fair few pennies for expensive items when they folded, there is another site that has more detail, just forgotten who. Astrosource seemed to change from supplying standard scopes etc to the amateur, to supplying expensive items like £10,000 mounts and RC scopes. Not great during a recession and also meant that orders were for a lot of money.

I think that the "main" organiser was the ebay arm as I believe that the person that ran that was from the Birmingham area, or had a shop there some time back, hence the location.

In a post I made I questioned the price of the talks, £3 for all talks just seemed far too little to cover the speakers expenses and they claimed one or two that were well known and so would need to pay for them. One person checked a speakers web site and that had no mention of the talk they were seeming to give at the Birmingham show.

Have to say that whatever you paid out is lost, they went into liquidation at the end of last year or early this year.
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