Cardiff Astronomical Society Lecture program 2011 - 2012

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Cardiff Astronomical Society Lecture program 2011 - 2012

Postby gjbc » Sat Aug 27, 2011 8:20 pm

This years Season of talks are just about to begin with Cardiff Astronomical Society at the university in Cardiif. the dates are as follows.

Thursday 1st Sept. The search for the tenth planet. Duncan Lunan, Glasgow.
Thursday 15th Sept. Astronomy in the early Royal Society. Dr. Allan Chapman, Oxford.
Thursday 29th Sept. Mercury - A Relative Planet. Andy Lound, Birmingham.
Thursday 13th Oct. Sophisticated small Satellites from Surry. Dr. Stuart Eves, Reading.
Thursday 27th Oct. Visual Planetary Astronomy. Paul Abel FRAS, University of Leicester.
Thursday 10th Nov. The Debate, What was the greatest Astronomical Discovery ever? Dr. Jon Davies and Prof. Mike Edmunds, Cardiff University.
Thursday 24th Nov. Astronomy, the ultimate question. Roger Butler, Cardiff Astronomical Society.
Thursday 8th Dec. Mission to Mars. Gemma Lavendar, Cardiff University.
Thursday 5th Jan. A Planetary Nebula Observing Marathon. Martin Griffiths, Glamorgan University.
Thursday 19th Jan. Aliens. Marc Delaney, Cardiff Astronomical Society.
Thursday 2nd Feb. Studying the Dark Universe with X-Ray vision. Dr Ben Maughan, Bristol University.
Thursday 16th Feb. Astronomy without a Telescope or Binoculars may surprise you. Martin Chick, Cardiff Astronomical Society.
Thursday 1st Mar. Quasars and Active Galaxies. Dr. Marek Kukula, Royal Greenwich Observatory. London
Thursday 15th Mar. A brief history of the telescope from the bronze age to the space age. Peter Wise, Abergele.
Thursday 29th Mar. Time and the Stars. Bob Mizon, Dorset.
Thursday 12th Apr. Annual General Meeting. Cardiff Astronomical Society
Thursday 26th Apr. Binoculars and Telescopes for Observing the Heavens. Prof. Ian Morison, University of Manchester.
Thursday 10th May. The Herschel & Planck Missions: the Universe Through the Ages. Dr. Chris North, Cardiff University.
Thursday 24th May. Just a handful of Stars. Nick Hart, Cardiff Astronomical Society
Thursday 7th Jun. Was Einstein 100% right? Prof. Malcolm MacCallum, Bristol University.
Thursday 21st Jun. The Griffon Educational Observatory, Andalucia. Andy Burns, Wilshire.
Thursday 5th Jul. Three Short Talks. Members of Cardiff Astronomical Society.

Unless otherwise indicated all lectures take place at Cardiff University and start at 7:30pm.

further details can be found here

Hope to see some of you at some of the talks
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