micro-lensing of Black holes

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micro-lensing of Black holes

Postby k_ford1991 » Mon May 11, 2015 4:12 pm

I am new to astronomy and live in Weston super mare in England.This is my first post and I wandered about Black Holes and how we can detect them. I researched about how we can and I came across Gravitational Micro-lensing as a method, where if a black hole passes in between the earth and a distant star, the background star brightens momentarily.
What I was wandering is what would be the duration of such an event, is it possible for the duration to be about 15 seconds or is that not possible. Also how bright would the event be compared to other stars. If a black hole was near earth (say within 2-3 light years away) and travelling about 2-3 million miles per hour compared to the distant star travelling much slower, could that micro-lensing be seen from earth and what would the duration be.

Sorry for such a loaded question.
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