Double Star Session2

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Double Star Session2

Postby Aratus » Wed Aug 31, 2016 10:18 pm

With visible planets becoming rarer by the day, I've got back to an old activity of discovering double stars.
Here are a couple of favourites located in the 'Little Bear' that I observed yesterday.
Pherkad is a colourful double. A blue 3rd magnitude star and an orange 5th magnitude star
Even a small telescope will show these two

Harder to find is the little companion to the Pole Star. (Polaris) A very small telescope won't show it, but it is worth trying. This photo is to the same scale as the one above, and you have to look carefully for the little star coming out of the glare of the brighter star.
I use an 11" reflector (Celestron CPC 1100) and a 3" refractor, (Sky-Watcher ST80) mounted on an equatorial wedge, housed in a 2.2m Pulsar observatory. I use a ZWO ASI 120MM, ZWO ASI1600MC and Canon 1300D for imaging.
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