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Papworth Astronomy Club events

Postby peter_sandford » Tue Jan 15, 2008 9:26 pm

Papworth Astronomy Club invites you to our speaker evenings. Our next few dates are as follows:
[b]Wednesday 6th February.[/b]
Andy Green will present “To Infinity & Beyond - Postcards of Astro Discovery”, a talk about the astronomical places around the world that he has visited. Many of you will know Andy as the proprietor of the StarDome that is present at many astronomical events in the area, including the club’s last open evening.

[b]Wednesday 5th March[/b].
Michael Czajkowski of the Open University will talk to us about "Icy Worlds". The Voyager probes of the late 1970s opened our eyes to the outer Solar System. The Voyager images stretched our imagination further than any science fiction could have dreamed up. However, it was the satellites of the giant planets that really fired the imagination. Rather than being just battered lumps of rocky ice, they have hinted at dynamic processes which may be far from complete.

[b]Wednesday 2nd April[/b].
Carl Warren from Astrium Ltd. in Stevenage will give a talk on LISA Pathfinder. Carl is a member of the Astrium science mission team and he will describe how LISA Pathfinder, a joint ESA/NASA satellite programme, will find and measure gravity waves. Will this mission prove Einstein right or wrong?

[b]Wednesday 7th May[/b].
A Faulkes Telescope evening. Some of the club members who participated in the recent observing sessions on the Faulkes Telescope on Hawaii will talk about their experiences (good and bad!). The raw and processed images obtained will be displayed, and lessons learnt for future sessions discussed. This session is open to all members, not just those who were able to join the Faulkes sessions.

All meetings will be held in the Vinter Room in Papworth Everard, Cambridgeshire, at 7:30PM. The Vinter Room at the entrance to Vinter Close (it’s the building with the clock tower). Entering Papworth Everard from the south, take the first left after the traffic lights into Elm Way, past the fire station, then take the second left into Vinter Close. From the north, take the first right after the library into Elm Way, past the fire station on your left, then take the second left into Vinter Close. The meeting room is accessible to wheelchairs.
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