Prof. Ian Morison in Dunfermline 30th March 2011

Prof. Ian Morison in Dunfermline 30th March 2011

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Dunfermline Astronomical Society and Dalgety Bay Astro Club in conjunction with Dunfermline High School department of Physics present:


An evening with Prof. Ian Morison PhD FRAS
At Dunfermline High School on the 30Th March 2011
19:00 ~ 21:30

19:00 ~ 20:00 Black Holes - no need to be afraid!Black Holes seem to have a bad press that is largely undeserved. The lecture will explain what Black Holes are, how we can discover them even through they cannot be seen and how Stephen Hawking has shown that they are not totally black!

20:00 ~ 20:30 refreshment Break

20:30 ~ 21:30 Are we alone? The search for life beyond the Earth.The lecture will first discuss the possibilities of detecting simple life forms both within our own solar system and on nearby planets and then, with SETI, that of detecting signals from other intelligent beings within our Milky Way Galaxy. Finally, it will consider how likely it is that other intelligent life forms do exist or if, as some believe, planets like out Earth are very rare and it could be that we are the only intelligent civilisation that currently exists within the Milky Way.

If time permits Q & A session

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