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Should I have seen P35 - 9.1.1 ?

Should I have seen P35 - 9.1.1 ?

Postby mjpfc » Mon Aug 09, 2010 11:10 pm

After watching the sky cloud over for months now, (apart of course around full moon) I was getting a bit distressed, but Saturday the 7th and Sunday through to Monday wee hours have been pretty good nights.

In M75 I observed the last of my Messiers from the Back Yard for the year.
(I observe them as they becaome visible from the retricted view of my back garden through the 1st months of the year).
The earliest I have acheived this is 30th June, and Latest was 18th August.
For some reason, whilst M69,70,54 etc looked normal, M55 was by far the best I have ever seen it.
Not exactly [u]sprinkled[/u] with individual stars, but bright and defigned for such a spread out object.

On sunday/Monday I was looking through Aquilla at Some Planetary Nebulae, some I have Observed Before, and some New. I looked in the position of P35-9.1.1 with an OIII Filter and there it was, pretty much where it should be.
It was only after looking in the Uranometria 2000.0 vol 3 that I see it is down as Vis Mag 13.2!
It is rather small, but even so,13.2 seems rather too dim for a planetary with a 200cm reflector and a dimming filter!

I checked the position again, and looked back through the scope, there it was, dim but obvious.
I've put it in my log as spotted as I dont know what else it could be up there in OIII.

Mick IOW.
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