SIX Irish Paintings BOUNCE to the Moon on Sunday April 10th via Radio Waves

SIX Irish Paintings BOUNCE to the Moon on Sunday April 10th via Radio Waves

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Hi everyone , here is a [b]GOOD NEWS[/b] story for you !

Six Irish paintings will BOUNCE off the MOON on Sunday next April 10th
VIA Radio waves to the MOON and back in 2.5 seconds
The paintings will be converted into radio waves , each colour in the paintings equals a note in music its an Newton idea.
The paintings will travel 500,000 miles and will return as altered versions of themselves with individual sound files unique to each painting.

The paintings will be sent to the Moon via large radio antennas in Brazil , the UK and Switzerland and received
in the Netherlands by a 25 Metre radio telescope all online to music created by Sonifonics a NASA developed sound out of images software .

[url=] Deirdre's Home Page[/url] with links to the online broadcast for Sunday

[url=]Deirdre's Blogs with images and details[/url]

One written for children of ALL ages. One written about my paintings which will BOUNCE off the MOON . Scroll down inside the links to see all the images and slide shows.

Explanations about my paintings and the children's paintings for this fascinating project are under each other.

This is ALL about the MOON BOUNCE taking place on Sunday April 10th at 7pm Irish Time live online and in space [image][/image]

OPTICKS Global Astronomy Month 2011 - A Science / Art / Radio Astronomy adventure to the Moon and back -
In Art terms a performance art event. OPTICKS - Astronomers Without Borders Daniela De Paulis and Deirdre collaborated and now we have something very special indeed.

In a nutshell - Two paintings created by boys from the St Cronans Star Gazers , two paintings from Stillorgan Gold Pack Brownies and two of Deirdre Kelleghan's paintings will be BOUNCED off the Moon on April 10th at 7pm all live on the Internet.[url=]More on OPTICKS[/url]

[b]St Cronans Boys National School Bray, Co Wicklow[/b]

Who are the boys ? Paul Byrne age 6 and Diarmuid Moran age 11
What did they paint ? Paul Byrne painted Crater Linne on our Moon , inspired by a false colour image of the crater taken by Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter ( a NASA spacecraft in orbit around the Moon since 2009)
Diamuid Moran painted Saturn's Moon Enceladus with its exploding ocean. Inspired by a false colour image taken by the Cassini spacecraft in orbit around Saturn since 2004.

[b]Stillorgan Gold Pack Brownies IGG[/b]
Who are the Brownie Girls ? Lucy Grier age 7 and Liadh Farago age 10
What did the Brownies paint ? Lucy painted a picture of the Sun inspired by Solar Dynamics Observatory ( a NASA telescope in space since 2010)
Liadh created a painting of a Solar Flare inspired by Solar Dynamics Observatory

Where did they do the paintings? the paintings were created at Deirdre's workshops Deadly Moons on March 22nd and The Suns Massive on March 28th in Bray and in Stillorgan.

Deirdre Painted a work inspired by the first images from Solar Dynamics Observatory and a painting of Saturn inspired my many images taken by the Cassini spacecraft in orbit around Saturn since 2004

Tune in on Sunday , details on the links above [url=]USTREAM TV[/url]

[url=]More on this from NASA[/url]

[url=]Further Explaination of OPTICKS [/url]

Phewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww [image][/image]


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