Sky At Night magazine podcast episode 3 is out now!

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Sky At Night magazine podcast episode 3 is out now!

Postby wgater » Wed Jun 25, 2008 3:40 pm

Hi everyone,

[size="3"]Episode 3 of the podcast is out now to download[/size][/color] on our site or if you have iTunes on there. Here's a synopsis:

[size="2"][i]In our jam-packed third episode we ponder how to search for intelligent aliens, speak to a movie stunt pilot who’s also a NASA astronaut, find out what’s happening with the Mars Phoenix probe and see what’s in the night sky in July. If that’s not enough we discuss the latest astronomy news and explore what astronomy treats are on the TV and radio in July.[/i][/size]

and don't forget that you can read much more about what we talk about in the podcast in the [size="3"][color="#ff0000"]July issue[/color][/size] of Sky At Night magazine.

Here's a direct link [url=][/url] or go to our podcast page - [url=][/url]
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