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Skywatcher 120 f8.3 refractor

Mon Dec 10, 2007 7:20 pm

This was my sons telescope and is in very good condition. I think any buyer will be pleased with it. Performance in my opinion is much better than the shorter versions. A 1000mms focal length is also a sensible choice for general use and F8.3 does not need the more expensive eyepieces that can accept short F ratio beams..

The 2 super plossl eyepieces that came with it are included but I feel that these are a little inferior in comparison with the scope.

The scope is mounted on an EQ4 mount which from the web seems to be an EQ5 with a different tripod. Only 2 of the thin counterweights are needed to balance the scope. The whole set up is very useable and easy to move about. The mount can easily cope with this load. I'm not convinced that this would be the case with the 6ins version and that wouldn't be easy to move around.

Unfortunately the finder is missing but I can include a red dot finder that may be adaptable by some one who has moderate manual skills. Personally I would fit it with a telerad finder.

The scope will produce a fuzzy image with a 3mms eyepiece. Any image at all at that sort of magnification is good for a scope in this price range. Even my 5ins apo lacks a certain amount of crispness at that sort of magnification. As it's an achromat bright objects in the night sky are surrounded by a purple ring. In my experience however refractors will show more detail in images than a significantly larger reflector.

The scope works well with a Celestron LV zoom and other eyepieces of that ilk. eg vixen, celestron and meade.

I've priced it at £185 and am located in South Birmingham a few miles away from the 1st service exit of the M42 at the M5 end. I don't think I can realistically ship it.


RE: Skywatcher 120 f8.3 refractor

Mon Dec 10, 2007 9:00 pm

By the way I should have added that I can be contacted through the members list [:)]


I have had requests for photo's so here is one. As stated in the add the scope is virtually as new. I know of no marks or flaws at all.


RE: Skywatcher 120 f8.3 refractor

Wed Dec 19, 2007 5:46 pm

The red dot finder is now nearly neatly adapted to the shoe on the scope. I'm away for 2 weeks from the 22nd Dec. I'm surprised there is little interest as this is a decent scope. Ideal as an introduction to the hobby at very low cost. F8 is an ideal general focal ratio. Price remains the same - it will be ebayed a few weeks after I get back.

I should add that this one was bought from a company in Manchester that checked and adjusted each scope before shipping. The scope has a fully adjustable lens cell - unlike the star travel versions which often give very poor performance. I have made a tiny adjustment to the lens clamp too as it gave a marginal improvement in contrast. The comment on the eyepieces is based on comparison with a nagler and ed eyepieces. The nagler costs nearly twice as much as the scope.[8D]


RE: Skywatcher 120 f8.3 refractor

Sun Jan 06, 2008 4:56 am

Hi. ive sent an email but i now know that i can reply directly [:)].
would you be willing to sen the scope or is it pick up only?
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