SOLD: Lunt LS60THa with B1200 and accessories

SOLD: Lunt LS60THa with B1200 and accessories

Postby Celt » Wed Apr 19, 2017 6:17 pm

It is with great reluctance that I am having to sell my Lunt LS60THa Hydrogen Alpha Solar telescope. Unfortunately a recent medical problem means I am now having to take medication which prevents me from spending prolonged periods of time in direct sunlight, which is kinda a requirement for using a Solar Telescope!!! As a result I am selling my complete setup and will invest the proceeds in a different hobby (all sympathetic PMs gratefully received even though I have only stopped being a lurker and signed up just to post this).

So this is a great opportunity to get a solar viewing instrument in time for "the great eclipse" in the USA (I have cancelled my plans too) - this was purchased deliberately as being portable enough to transport but decent enough for good viewing.

The basic instrument is the Lunt LS60THa scope, with the pressure tuned etalon, crayford focuser and the B1200 blocking filter. There is a "Sol searcher" attached (which will need some minor adjustment as I haven't been able to use the instrument since the Transit of Mercury and I recall it was slightly off-center) and includes an L-plate and a Vixen tripod. I will include both a Televue 20mm Plossl eyepiece and a Televue Delite 18.2mm with the Televue Fonemate attachment to allow imaging with a smartphone, which I used for the aforementioned ToM event. I also have a ZWO ASI120MM CCD which is almost completely unused as after purchasing it to get even better images than the Fonemate, I found my aging laptop didn't have the moxie to pull images quick enough, but I at least fell ill before buying a new laptop!! The scope also comes in the Lunt lockable flight case.

I want to sell this as a complete package (and I will chuck in a couple of older Celestron eyepieces I have), and all this is worth over £3000. I will entertain sensible offers, but am looking for around £2000 for everything. I can supply photos, and may even attach a few photos taken on the Fonemate if I can (I haven't tried but some forums don't allow users to post photos when they have a low post count).

Collection from North Bucks will be best though I can arrange a personal delivery by mutual agreement - PayPal is acceptable, but having been burnt once before I will prefer to wait for funds to fully clear before allowing collection. I am an ameniable seller so feel free to ask any questions at all - even if you are perhaps just curious abour Solar imaging and want to chat with a user.

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