**SOLD** Orion Optics GX200 8"

**SOLD** Orion Optics GX200 8"

Postby ratbiter » Sat Jan 19, 2013 1:45 pm

It's served me well and I've seen some great sights using it, My first view of M13 with everything in crystal clear focus just blew me away. But as it's getting used less and less each year (I'm getting old and cloud chasing has taken it's toll.)

I am selling my Orion Optics GX200 f/4.5 8" Reflector (It has had the 1/6 wave and Hilux mirror upgrades done to


50x Finder Scope
1.25" rack & pinion focuser
Synta RA drive complete with handbox and battery holder
Vixen GPE Mount and the P90 Wooden Tripod

40mm Sirius Plossl fully coated eyepiece
30mm Plossl fully coated eyepiece
25mm Celestron SMA Wide Angle eyepiece
9.5mm Mead Plossl multi coated eyepiece
7.5mm Celestron Plossl eyepiece
Moonfish 2x barlow which in effect doubles the number of eyepieces

Turn Left at Orion, by Guy Consolmagno & Dan M. Davis (A must have book for beginners and experts alike, in a

simple easy to follow format shows just what you can expect to see and where to find it.)

The Cambridge Star Atlas 3rd Edition by Wil Tirion. (one of the best and easies to follow star chart books out

there, even I could follow it, so another must have for beginners and experts you already know how useful it's

charts and tables are.)

Collins need to know Stargazing. (A book that guides/teaches you tye fundametals of this fantasic hobby)

Astronomy by Igloo (pretty picture book with some useful info)

Phillips Planisphere (A handy ref for out in the field i.e a star chart in your hand that you can set to show what

is in the skies on any given date/time)

Phillips Dark Skies Map (Want to know the best places to go for the best view, then this is a must have map)

Odds and sods

50mw Green Laser (true 50 mw output) (well used as it's a great tool to show others where/what you are looking at.)
Red light (a must have bit of equipment to help preserve your night vision)
Compass (knowing where north is is always useful)
Two large bags to carry it all in. (yes the scope fits neatly on a purpose built rack inside one of these bags

making it easy to carry and store)

You can get all the above for £450 It's all in great condition and fully working. Due to the size and weight of it collection is best and you can see before you buy etc, I can deliver if local or further a field (Upto 100 miles if costs £30.00 are covered in advance.)
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Re: For Sale Orion Optics GX200 8"

Postby ratbiter » Mon Jan 21, 2013 11:36 pm

Too late it's sold
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