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Postby cugsy » Fri Jun 12, 2009 6:46 pm

Well,I'm flattered by all of the interest folks. I'm mostly annoyed that someone in a smallish close-knit community like the astro one (where we do help and advise complete strangers - even lend out kit) has advertised this camera as 'used twice' and not mentioned that any previous owner/s had used it quite a lot more. I can get 2 people (astronomers who've used DSI's ) to tell of the poor condition of the camera cosmetically as well as functionally. I even rang the staff at the Skyatnight site for advise and they caan't help. If I could get Meade to repair it I would be happy because I would have a useable camera - but I can't see that happening.
Basically, I'm out £160 and if it works as a guider then caveat emptor. I'd like to give Doody the benefit of the doubt ; but I and 2 other people have declared this thing as unfit for purpose.
###Be warned - don't be tempted to do someone you don't know the favour of paying for something with paypal as a aren't covered by them and their rules. I made the payment a gift to save Doody 4% and it cost me £160 + postage########
Thanks for the advice folks. As it is I don't have the time to go through the courts for small claims. But consider this...if the camera was and is fine,wouldn't you have it returned anad check it out? Cugsy
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Postby trevorl » Fri Jun 12, 2009 9:33 pm

[quote]ORIGINAL: ion

Perhaps you need to publish the sellers address so that others can beware of future offers.

Not out of spite or malace, simply to help others, is that reasonable, and if anyone else has a bad experience of someone else as a "close knot" community as you say, people may be appreciative.

That’s a very good idea "ion" , we have a problem regarding a DVD we filmed in March for a event in Surrey, somebody else came along dismissed the one we did that had already been sent off to the event and had the cheek to re-do it and sell it on a website, absolutely no respect for others.
I will have a chat with the other people who helped out on the day and just might put a post up, thanks again for the idea of letting others know, as you say it’s a “close knot” community.

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Postby sftonkin » Fri Jun 12, 2009 10:06 pm

He's got previous. See [url=𗧝]Revision 3[/url]
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Postby cugsy » Mon Jun 29, 2009 10:26 pm

Just an update to this sorry saga. I'm really quite pissed off to be honest. I hope someone gets to read this before the mods remove it due to bad language. I've just spent over an hour loading the software (again) to get the drivers on the pc and just to have the shitty camera I bought( from the arsehole who sold it -DOODY) recognised by the guide software Phd. It was demoted to guide camera (at £160 a fucking expensive guide camera - there are better guiders for less) because the arsehole I bought it from didn't tell me it was shite and useless. Anyway, the camera crashes the pc everytime when I use it. So I've wasted my good money with this worthless piece of shit and too much time. I'm quite prepared to never darken this forum again and if anyone other than the turd who sold me this camera takes offence then I apologise to you. But sometimes you need to say what you feel. Doody is a dodgy cunt and I hope the £160 (plus fucking postage - which turned up late) chokes you. Nuff said
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