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Some images I managed over the holidays.

Sat Jan 18, 2014 3:04 pm

I think I managed to get out 3 times over the Christmas holiday but only managed to get a couple of imaging attempts in, one of them was on a really windy night so I were surprised to have got anything.

Firstly the international space station taken on Christmas eve, there was a gap in the clouds at just the right time so into the field I went with my Canon 1000D & tripod. It were pretty breezy but I'm pleased to have got it as it was my first attempt.


Afterwards the clouds rolled in so no chance of seeing or imaging anything else or so I thought, so you can imagine my delight at 2:00am Christmas morning when the clouds had cleared just long enough for me to take this, again using the Canon 1000D & 6" SCT


Then afterwards there was a bit of time before I was out again at the dark site on the 27th with a few others from the CMS group

I first had another go at Orion as I've been struggling with diffraction spikes appearing, which would be fine if I were using the Newtonian but for these next few targets I were using the C80ED refractor so there shouldn't be any.

I was quite pleased with the Orion nebula even though there are spikes still showing, these are still unguided images due to the wind we were having so I doubt very much if it were guiding then it wouldn't have made much difference. Still a target I hope to do again, on this target I were using the modified Canon 1000D.


Same set up was also used for the Pleaides, this is my third attempt at it as these spikes are still showing but it's still the best I've managed so far but isn't going to be winning any awards.


My first go at the crab nebula, I really needed to use something with a longer focal length as the C80ED just isn't up to it really but as it was still hellish windy I decided that was the only thing I could use.


Finally I swapped scopes for the 6" SCT & had a go at Jupiter using the QHY5L-II camera,

2X Barlow image upscaled & resized;


3X Barlow image;


I know both images look the same size but I can assure you all the top one was taken using a 2X Barlow.

As the nights have been cloudy I did a re-process of the Elephants trunk nebula I took using the C80ED modified 1000D at it's native F7.5 as I didn't have a reducer for it back then.


Finally a short video I did when I were out on the 27th/28th December of the imaging I did, you can see it was quite breezy when I was recording Jupiter & it had died down by then.


I also managed to get out on the 22nd December but it was very windy too I I was stuck using the C80ED but I don't think that Jupiter came out to bad all things considered;


Re: Some images I managed over the holidays.

Sat Jan 18, 2014 9:12 pm

Excellent work as usual!

Dave B.
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