Sony Vaio FZ31Z for sale

Sony Vaio FZ31Z for sale

Postby dave_s » Mon Aug 04, 2008 10:36 pm

Well after a couple of months with Windoze I have had enough and I am going back to Mac. I have purchased a Macbook Pro, so I can dual boot in order to run the windows only astro software.

So the Vaio is up for grabs, but before I put it on fleabay I thought I would give forum members first refusal. I got quite a good deal on this when I bought it so I am only looking to cover the cost of my new (second hand) Mac which cost £720. So I would sell for that plus p+p.

The spec is:

[ul][*]Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
T8300 (2.4 GHz, 800 MHz)
[*]Windows Vista Home Premium
[*]4 GB RAM
[*]300 GB HDD
[*]High color X-black LCD
[*]Blu-ray Disc drive
(Reader/writer) incl. DVD±RW[*]3 X USB[*]Card reader[/ul]It is a top spec machine that will even make you a cup of tea in the morning and wash your car at the weekend.

In the interests of accuracy, that last statement was a complete lie!! But here is the truth [url=*VGNFZ31Z.CEK*&citemarea=43BAE0537FEF00AA000000002BC29B85&layout=15_116_61_59_117_121&carea=%24ROOT&citem=43BAE0537FEF00AA000000002BC29B85471864BF586D0075020000002BC29B74%29/.do]*VGNFZ31Z.CEK*&citemarea=43BAE0537FEF00AA000000002BC29B85&layout=15_116_61_59_117_121&carea=%24ROOT&citem=43BAE0537FEF00AA000000002BC29B85471864BF586D0075020000002BC29B74)/.do[/url]

If your interested give me shout, otherwise onto fleabay it goes.


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