Southern Sky.

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RE: Southern Sky.

Postby andrew short » Tue Apr 11, 2006 5:26 pm

Hi Susan,
If you've only seen the night sky from London since arriving in the UK,then you'll be well aware that you haven't seen it at it's best.When you get the opportunity,take a break in a rural area,parts of Wales and Scotland(the skies in Scotland don't get truly dark in Summer)are really dark,and I went on holiday in Dorset a few years back and the sky was very dark there.
As you can locate the plough,then finding Polaris is straightforward.If you take a look at Ursa Major in a star chart,you'll see two stars that form the bowl of the Plough called Dubhe(alpha)and Merak(beta).These stars are referred to as the pointers,as they point almost directly at Polaris.
Just follow a straight line from Dubhe and it's unlikely that you'll miss the Pole star.

andrew short
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RE: Southern Sky.

Postby les » Fri Apr 14, 2006 9:00 pm

HI Andrew,Susan,
Remember also using the 'Plough' if you follow the natural curve through Polaris you come to the 'W' of Cassiopia and if you line the stars of the straight side of the 'W' not the crooked side,point to the Cygnus/Lyra area.Also using a curved line of the Ploughs 'handle' you can find Arcturus and continuing the natural curve by slightly more than the same distance again takes you to Spica.
Regards Les.
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