Superb Dronino iron meteorite.

Superb Dronino iron meteorite.

Postby starshipcaptain » Sat Jul 17, 2010 9:50 pm

I have for sale a massive Ataxite iron meteorite which weighs 2.26795 k or 5lbs 3oz. This one is absolutly guaranteed genuine, I have owned it for several years. It has been kept in a transparent container with silica gel crystals so NO RUST. One face cut Displaying a super polished face with Sulfide crystals. Kamacite and Martensite The current price (please do see Ebay and Google) is $1 per gramme This one can be had for £450 that is 2,268g This is a limited offer for 30 days reason for sale I wish to upgrade a mount.This is a good investment as prices are rising fast as no more may be collected in Russia.
G.Dye-Hodge Beardsley. F.R.A.S. Lecturer in Astronomy.
Please Email me for photos , questions or full summary of this rare meteorite if you are not aquanted with its make up.
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