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Telescope Help Website - Free

Postby Supercooper » Sun Feb 14, 2016 10:33 am

If you need help with any aspect of choosing or using a telescope for astronomy...

...Look no further than my telescope advice website.

Here you will find friendly links to my astronomy and telescope advice pages. All FREE - No advert

These guides have been written with the beginner in mind. Sometimes beginners make all sorts of errors when planning their optical equipment. Some will buy a tiny telescope because it magnifies 525 times. Some will buy any telescope by a certain manufacturer because most of the other beginners they know have told them that these are good telescopes...

"Oh, my Mega-Scope 50mm Refractor, it's amazing - I can even see Jupiter's moons!!!"

They're not very experienced - Don't listen to their advice!

Read these guides to find out the information you need to buy a useful telescope. Some telescope companies are trading on their good reputation honsetly earned. Some do it but their current manufacturing is slipshod and well below par. They have rivals who produce much better telescopes, more cheaply. You need to be able to sort the good telescopes from the bad, regardless of the maker. These guides will give you the knowledge you need so that you can make a good choice and move forwards in the enthralling hobby of amateur astronomy.

My most viewed guide is "Choosing a Telescope: Complete Essentials" and has over 37,000 views.

Google: "Supercooper telescope help" and I'll see you there.
OR: Visit YouTube and search:
"Astronomy and telescope questions answered. SuperCooper Telescope Help."

'supercooper telescope help' = A website for all your telescope and astronomy questions.
For My FREE Telescope Help Website:

Using fab Helios f8 150mm Achromatic Refractor on SkyWatcher EQ5 - enjoing the views!
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